Meet a Member of the Team - Darryn Cooke


MCO is a growing SaaS-based software company, and our employees make a significant impact on this success. We are pleased to show you the backstage of our operations, bringing you closer to our team members. The “meet a member of the team” series, remove the attention from our products and services to feature our people.

Today, we would like you to meet our Support Manager, Darryn Cooke, who is also a basketball lover. Since joining MCO in 2015, Darryn has been working on the Support Team, where he has had the opportunity to see his department expanding. He now manages the Support Team in Texas, Fort Worth, Dublin, and Singapore, where we provide 24/5 support to our customers. Let’s hear more from Darryn.

What did you do before joining MCO?

My previous life was in marketing and branding and I worked with industries ranging from pharmaceutical to software and technology.

Describe a typical day at MCO?

Typically, I am helping my team address client issues and maximize usage of the software. A lot of the work goes into scheduling and prioritizing tasks. We manage almost 1,000 inquiries a month and the majority of them are resolved within the hour.

What do you find most exciting and satisfying about your job?

MCO has been expanding rapidly these last few years, as a result, the support team has grown. Watching new team members solve things on their own and grow their product knowledge is very satisfying because it does 2 things; it helps them provide better support to our clients and it makes them more self-sufficient, which means that to some degree I helped them grow.

One of my primary measures of success is when a team member is promoted or elevated to a new role because of the knowledge they have in our product and our clients. When our most senior support team members get promoted to a different department, I feel this change and success validates the policies and processes that we have applied over the years.

What inspires you to do what you do?

What I find exciting and satisfying in my job is also what inspires me. There is some level of accomplishment in helping a client through a difficult situation. However, the real accomplishment is in getting my team to be able to do that for all clients at all times. This requires constant coaching and education. The team is successful once they have the product knowledge and the confidence behind them to be able to address complex situations with simple solutions.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I have 2 young kids so keeping them entertained takes up a bit of time. When I do have time I enjoy spending time on our deck grilling and making cocktails. Other than that, I am an avid gamer and tech nerd.

Could you tell me one fun fact about you?

I officiated high school and DIV-II NCAA basketball for about 15 years which was my next step in my love for basketball. I had played and coached for many years and officiating gave me a whole different perspective on the game. More importantly, it taught me how to deal with high-pressure situations and make decisions instantly, which has translated to me not having a fear of making decisions. I also learned how to address escalating emotional situations along with the necessity to be firm and disciplined when necessary. I would recommend that anyone with a love for any sport to attempt officiating. It’s not for everyone, but it teaches valuable lessons that are very difficult to learn anywhere else.

We hope you like to meet our Support Manager and know more about our team. We will keep you posted on the next team member interview!