Making G&E Compliance Faster & More Cost-Effective

The CEO of any financial firm will tell you regulatory compliance is one of their organization’s greatest challenges. The compliance part is easy. Regulators tell a firm what to do. Then they must do it or face often severe legal and financial penalties along with reputational damage. It’s HOW to create and implement effective compliance programs in efficient and affordable ways that presents issues for firms.  

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Advanced Strategies to Manage Anti-Corruption Risk Webinar

 MyComplianceOffice is pleased to confirm Michael Volkov of Volkov Law Group and John Kearney, Director for Product at MCO will co-host a joint Webinar on March 21 at 12 pm EST.

This exclusive MCO Webinar will provide insight to help companies get ahead in the race to comply with ever-changing, global anti-bribery and corruption regulations.  

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