SEC enforce Whopper, Windows and pillow talk actions


THE U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's list of enforcement actions should be essential bedtime reading for anyone involved in stock trading.

Two husbands were separately charged with insider trading on non public information gleamed from their wives and both men agreed to pay financial penalties. Tyrone Hawk and Ching Hwa Chen had accessed insider information to trade in Silicon Valley tech stock (31 March 2014).

A Microsoft manager - Brian D Jorgenson - learned of a company announcement ahead of a public disclosure and both he and his pal, Sean T. Stokke, traded in Microsoft stock for which they were cited by the SEC on 19 December 2013.

A Burger King deal resulted in a whopper of a $5.1 Million fine for a Brazilian ex-banker who used non public information to trade in stock ahead of the company's announcement (20 September 2012).

A comprehensive list of SEC enforcement actions can be viewed at the commission's website.