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Keeping Up With the SEC: Understanding Proposed Rules and Regulatory Priorities

Regulatory activity from the US Securities and Exchange Commission under the direction of chair Gary Gensler has been fast and furious. 2022 saw dozens of proposed rule changes and in 2023 the momentum is continuing with more proposals and reopened comment periods. With so much potential regulatory change on the horizon—and so much on the line if firms fail to comply—it's incumbent on firms to keep track of all of the moving pieces. 

We hosted a webinar on June 29 with Hope L. Newsome Esq., co-founder and managing partner of Virtus LLP, where she provided guidance on how to make sense of it all. Her session included:

  • 2023 SEC Regulatory Priorities
  • Overview of proposals around conflicts of interest, insider trading, cybersecurity, ESG, and other key proposed changes
  • Impact of recently adopted amendments on reporting, disclosures, and insider trading plans
  • Practical guidance on steps firms can be taking right now to stay up to date and ensure readiness

During this webinar, Hope addressed several questions, including:

  • What should firms that only focus on ESG products do to demonstrate compliance with the suitability and best interest rules?
  • How can small firm compliance officers ensure they have the right resources to address this regulatory environment?
  •  Where might compliance personnel find adequate resources or templates to draft the risk assessments for each "covered function" in proposed Oversight Rule?
  • How do the SEC proposed rules and priorities address the challenges and considerations related to AI based communications surveillance?

If you missed the live webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording. 

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