The Complexities of Corporate Compliance in Singapore

Listed companies in Singapore must ensure their corporate compliance addresses a range of criteria.

Along with robust internal policies and processes, listed companies must comply with the Securities and Futures Act (SFA) enforced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and also abide by SGX-enforced regulatory compliance requirements.


Corporate Compliance Needs Visibility and Control

Problems arise when listed companies lack proper visibility and control mechanisms to prevent the potentially harmful actions of employees and executives.

Issues such as conflicts of interest, insider trading, misuse of material non-public information (MNPI), money laundering and funding of illegal activities can cause significant harm to public companies.


Common Compliance Challenges for SGX-Listed Companies


Compliance with multiple authorities, often across several jurisdictions.


Lack of visibility and control mechanisms across the organisation.


Conflicts of interest can go unnoticed and unmanaged.


Manual transaction monitoring is slow, costly, and can miss red flags.

The Challenge for Listed Companies

Each year, regulators impose reprimands, enforcements, and severe penalties on listed companies that fail to meet regulatory compliance obligations. These actions can negatively impact an organisation’s reputation, share price, and even operational continuity.

The challenge many listed companies face is that manual transaction monitoring takes significant time and cost, and can miss critical red flags.


The Critical Role of RegTech

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) does the heavy lifting, enabling your listed company to minimise risk and uphold regulatory compliance more effectively.

RegTech reduces human resource dependence to maintain corporate compliance, employing intelligent rules and time-saving automation that do the hard work for you.


MyComplianceOffice (MCO) is the leading compliance management platform for highly-regulated organisations across Asia-Pacific (APAC) and the globe.

MCO delivers a consolidated platform for compliance teams to manage risk more effectively, including:

Trade Surveillance
Personal Account Dealing
eCommunications Surveillance
Digital Assets
Conflicts of Interest

Trade Surveillance

Prevent trading misconduct and protect the interests of your listed company. MCO automates the monitoring of trade surveillance, market abuse and customer suitability with customisable alerts and workflows.

The platform’s extensive rules engine automatically detects illegal and unethical trading practices, including market manipulation, fraud, money laundering, insider trading, spoofing, and more.

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Personal Account Dealing

Leverage MCO’s advanced monitoring and alert processes to capture all employee trading and holding data. Simplify pre-clearance and disclosure processes to increase employee trading compliance through MCO’s modern user interface and mobile app.

Rapidly produce complete pre-clearance and order attempt audit histories to satisfy regulatory examinations.

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eCommunications Surveillance

Gain control of communication channels and identify regulatory risks in real-time. MCO’s Fairwords solution detects, measures, and even prevents employees from sending potentially harmful, unethical, or unlawful messages across a broad range of channels.

Fairwords automatically prompts employees to modify their language as they type words and phrases that trigger compliance policy exceptions.

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Digital Assets

Regulators are shifting from a light-touch approach for digital assets, focusing on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism safeguards, to an investor protection perspective.

MCO enables listed companies to easily track digital assets with dedicated pre-clearance and crypto monitoring workflows, create restriction and exemption lists, quickly evaluate employee conflicts of interest, and much more.

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Conflicts of Interest

Know your employees better and identify potential conflicts of interest before they become ethical or legal issues.

MCO provides a fully integrated platform using a global company and security master dataset to proactively manage conflicts across transactions (deals, research, and trades), employees, close personal relationships, material non-public information (MNPI), and third parties.

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