Efficiently and effectively monitor communications to quickly identify the highest areas of risk.

MCO’s eComms Review communications surveillance software enables compliance teams to prioritize their time and efforts to efficiently identify and manage the employee communications that pose the highest levels of risk to the firm. 

MCO’s eComms Review communications surveillance software solution allows firms to: 

  • Identify the riskiest communications 
  • Quickly understand areas of communication risk 
  • Streamline eComms surveillance and reduce review time 
  • Detect unapproved channels of communication and suspicious activity 
  • Analyze patterns of communications behaviors across multiple channels and the firm 
  • Reduce false positives 
  • Scale compliance and maximize efficiency 

 eComms Review provides firms with compliance workflows and AI-driven communications review plus reporting and analysis to increase efficiency and support effective decision making. 

  • Advanced AI risk scores and classifies communications according to policy with a unified inbox that threads. messages and identifies risky communications for immediate attention.  
  • Easy to use workflows deliver prioritized messaging for efficient supervisory review.  

eComms Review identifies risky communications and puts them into a consolidated inbox for expedient review and disposition, increasing the efficiency of the firm’s compliance program. With eComms Review communications surveillance software solution, firms can: 

  • Review communications including emails, texts and Microsoft Teams in real time.
  • Evaluate flagged communications, escalate issues and record evidence of final dispositions while capturing easily viewable audit trails. 
  • Reduce false positives and wasted time to focus on communications with true policy risk. 
  • Track communication patterns over time to identify areas for employee training and policy adjustment. 
  • Easily distribute work across the compliance team and reference shared comments and audit logs. 
  • Demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators with audited workflow tracking, review status, escalations, and visibility of notes and ownership of review. 
  • Use in conjunction with eComms Keep, or use with your firm’s existing repository of record.

Increase efficiency—and decrease false positives

It’s one thing to track all of the communications your employees are sending. It’s another thing to truly understand what’s contained in them that could pose meaningful risk to your firm. With eComms Review, firms can focus on red flags and identify just the riskiest communications.  

Configurable workflows and an intuitive interface make it simple for users to cut through the noise to screen out routine messaging and sift through false positives to focus on the communications that pose the highest levels of risk. Reviewing only the riskiest communications ensures compliance and keeps the compliance team efficient. 

Configure risk scoring based on the needs of your firm

eComms Review classifies and risk scores all firm communications based on corporate policy. Compliance can make ongoing modifications to lexicons and complex syntax rules based on the risk tolerance and business needs of the firm, adding or removing words and phrases to flag and ignore. 

Lexicons can also be deployed in multiple languages. 

Unify inbox management for a holistic view of communications risk

A unified inbox dedupes messages and puts the riskiest messages at the top for immediate attention, reducing noise and wasted time. Email threading keeps related messaging together for context and ease of review. 

Track and understand communication patterns over time

Understand communications behaviors and trends over time with dashboard analytics. See which communications channels are being flagged the most to identify continuing risks and opportunities to evolve firm policies and lexicons. 

Ensure compliant communications across all channels—even the ones you don’t know about

Preemptive risk detection provides the option to prevent non-compliant communications from being sent in the first place. 

  • Intuitive analytics and dashboards flag unapproved communications channels and uncover the greatest areas of risk.  
  • Keep company rules and policies accessible and clear to employees as they type and prevent damaging communications from being sent. 
  • Use ready-built policy modules or build your own based on the needs of your firm. 

Maximize Digital Communications Compliance with Powerful eComms Surveillance

It’s a critical part of an effective employee compliance program that firms monitor the electronic communications that employees are sending. Failure to implement policies and procedures that include off channel communications, failure to monitor and enforce those policies or failure to properly archive communications in accordance with recordkeeping requirements will continue to result in costly regulatory actions.

eComms Review and eComms Keep provide comprehensive communications monitoring and management and enable demonstrable compliance with regulatory and recordkeeping requirements. Choose the solution that best fits your current needs or implement both for end-to-end eComms surveillance and monitoring coverage. 

MCO’s eComms Review communications surveillance software is part of the Know Your Employee (KYE) suite that comprehensively addresses employee compliance. KYE is part of the MyComplianceOffice integrated platform that automates compliance oversight (Know Your Obligations), compliance programs for supply chain and third party operations (Know Your Third Party) and transaction surveillance compliance (Know Your Transaction). The interconnected suites with a centralized data center cost-effectively and comprehensively address the challenges of maintaining and proving regulatory compliance and minimizing the risk of misconduct and conflicts of interest.

eComms Review is powered by Fairwords*. If you would like to hear how MCO helps firms provide complete end-to-end digital communications compliance protection as part of a comprehensive employee compliance program, contact us today. 

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*Fairwords was acquired by MCO on June 13, 2023. Learn more here.