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Compliance Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts aren’t new but they are on the rise, and for a reason, they are an engaging, informative and easy form of content to digest. You just need a mobile device to access them and here you go, great content in your hand.  

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The Basics of Conduct Risk

Conduct risk is a form of business risk that refers to potential misconduct of individuals associated with a firm, including employees, third-party vendors, customers or agents interacting with the firm. Read more on conduct risk, what regulators say about it and how to protect against it.

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Meet a Member of the Team - Kara Keeler

MCO a growing SaaS-based software company, and our employees make a significant impact on this success. We are pleased to show you the backstage of our operations, bringing you closer to our team members. In "meet a member of the team" series, we feature our people and the great work they do at MCO.

Today, we're delighted to introduce you to a member of our support team – Kara Keeler, who is based in our Hudson office.

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MCO Named Among 50 Leading Companies of the Year

The Silicon Review Magazine listed MCO among 50 leading companies of the year 2021 and published an interview featuring our CEO, Brian Fahey. He explains the company journey to help financial services firms to meet regulatory expectations and reduce their risk of misconduct.

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Capturing Employee Personal Trades

Automating the monitoring of personal trade accounts requires the capture of trade data in an electronic format. Data capture is an important topic and one that is not always fully understood. Typically, firms begin data capture by acquiring direct feeds from the major brokerage firms. This can resolve 60-70% of trade capture needs for US accounts. A good start, but significant challenges remain; the 30-40% of US accounts that are not captured as well as the non-US trading activity, typically 80-90%.

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