2018 Compliance Roundup - The Nice List


“He’s making a list, checking it twice. . .”

We believe it is a great time of year to recognize fellow professionals for their outstanding contributions to the field of compliance and risk in 2018.

Yesterday, we looked at some of the biggest fines of the year, or "The Naughty List". Today we look at some of the more positive events of the year, "The Nice List".

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2018 Compliance Roundup - The Naughty List

 “He’s making a list and checking it twice. . .”

As part of our end of year wrap up, we present to you The Naughty List. The definitive list of individuals and corporations who will be receiving a bag of coal this year.

Be sure to check in tomorrow, when we post The Nice List. Subscribe to stay notified.

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6 Ways To Mitigate Risk During The Gift-Giving Season And All Year Round

The holidays are here. The office is filled with cheer. . . and gifts that might be putting your organization at risk.

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Initial Coin Offering Regulation by Country

In the last post on ICOs, we reviewed definitions and impact of its growing popularity with investors on international markets. Today, we breakdown the response of different regulators around the globe. 

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ICO Regulation

Terms like ICOs, blockchain and crypto are coming up more and more in compliance conversation. While it may be some time before regulators catch up with technology, investing in crypto is growing in popularity. and Compliance Officers are taking notice.

Read the following post for an update on ICOs and the basics that Compliance professionals should know. 

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