MCO’s Policy Content Governor is a comprehensive policy and procedure management software solution that enables firms to:  

  • Easily manage the process of creating and updating policy  
  • Ensure full coverage of obligations, risks and controls 
  • Report on control metrics mapped to related portions of policies 
  • Manage audience access via an integrated portal 

Policy Content Governor helps firms increase efficiency, consistency and accuracy throughout the policy management lifecycle. With Policy Content Governor, firms can: 

  • Create and maintain a reusable library of templates and policies 
  • Write policies in multiple languages 
  • Link policies directly to related obligations, risks and controls 
  • Conduct gap analyses 
  • Distribute policies based on role within the firm 
  • Attest policy receipt for a complete audit trail 

Easy Collaboration with MS Word® Integration  

An effective policy lifecycle management process involves stakeholders from departments across the firm. Version control is a challenge when documents are circulated across stakeholders for edits via email. Formatting becomes an issue when policies are created in MS Word, and then uploaded into a stand-alone system for distribution.  

Policy Content Governor’s policy and procedure management software allows teams to collaborate on the drafting and review of policies, right in the MyComplianceOffice platform using MS Word, eliminating the need for circulating drafts via email and uploading and downloading documents for edit and review. Documents can be sent via configurable workflows for review and approval. Completed and approved policies are added to the portal for access and attestation by all staff. 

Digital Policy Management 

Firms need solid policies and procedures management for effective compliance, establishing a clear roadmap outlining obligations for employees and creating a shared expectation of regulatory responsibilities and priorities across the organization. Without good policy management practices, policies and procedures can create both an administrative nightmare and significant compliance risk for a firm. 

Manual processes can’t effectively keep up with the many steps and multiple departments involved in the drafting, reviewing, maintaining and enforcement of policies and procedures. And when a firm uses multiple tools and channels to edit and distribute policies—for example Sharepoint, email and a standalone policy system—the chance for duplication of effort, inconsistencies and missed updates is multiplied as well.  

A digital policy management solution is necessary to manage the volume and complexity of policies and procedures that firms deal with to keep pace with regulatory expectations. Policy and procedure management software automates and streamlines processes, enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of policy management practices.   

Policy Content Governor provides firms with a centralized and easy-to-use digital policy management solution that centralizes policies and procedures management into a unified, cloud-based platform. A centralized database of policies allows for easy access, search and retrieval based on role within the firm. Workflows enable automated routing, notifications and tracking by policy approval stage. 

Policy Lifecycle Management 

The policies and procedures management process isn’t over when a new policy is approved and disseminated. Policy Content Governor provides an end-to-end policy lifecycle solution that helps firms manage policies and procedures from creation to expiration. 

Policy Creation

Policy Content Governor provides user-friendly interfaces and tools for creating and editing policies, including customizable templates, standardized formats, and version control features to facilitate policy development and revision. 

Centralized Policy Repository

Policy Content Governor includes a centralized repository or database where all policies are stored, facilitating easy access, searchability, and retrieval of policies by authorized individuals within the organization. 

Policy Review and Approval

Policy Content Governor enables organizations to establish streamlined workflows for policy review, approval, and distribution, including automated routing, notifications, and tracking of policy approval stages.

Policy Attestation

Policy Content Governor automates the distribution of policies to employees by sending policies electronically, tracking receipt, and providing an audit-ready record of attestations. 

Policy Reporting

Policy Content Governor provides direct status reporting of control metrics mapped to related portions of policies. Users can link policies to controls and see related data.  

Know Your Obligations

Policy Content Governor is part of MCO’s  Know Your Obligations solution suite. Firms of all sizes choose KYO to streamline oversight of obligations and develop a complete picture of compliance assurance over time. KYO offers firms a structured and integrated solution that clearly links external obligations and regulations to internal policies, procedures and controls.  

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