All-in-One Platform to Address the Needs of Highly Regulated Organizations

The range of issues facing corporate ethics and compliance professionals is substantial:  insider trading, sexual harassment, data protection and data privacy, creating a code of conduct that works, navigating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and anti-bribery/anti-corruption laws to name a few. The MyComplianceOffice suite helps corporations manage compliance and ethics programs ensuring that the reputation of the firm is safeguarded and that a culture of high ethical standards and compliance is maintained.

How MCO's Corporate Compliance Software can help

The MyComplianceOffice suite helps compliance professionals implement and monitor the firms’ compliance program. By automating the end-to-end management of request processes, compliance monitoring and exception management associated with conflict of interest policies, you can be confident that best-practices are fully embedded in your compliance program. 

With MCO's Corporate Compliance Software, most corporate compliance activities can be automated e.g. outside interest and directorship reporting, insider trading monitoring, disaster recovery activities and tests, code of ethics attestations, case and issue management, policy and procedure management and much more. 


With its flexibility and customization capabilities compliance teams have the ability to create unlimited combinations of questionnaires and completely customize and configure forms, enable powerful flexible rules and designated workflows; as well as unlimited reviewers. The platform's powerful alert mechanism will assure that your compliance team gets a heads up on any unfavorable response, ensuring a proactive and not reactive approach to potential conflicts.  

Our Corporate Compliance Software Features Include:

  • Approvals and affirmations
  • Questionnaires and attestations
  • Task management and workflow
  • Document management
  • Case management
  • Dashboards

All modules leverage the powerful platform capabilities which enable comprehensive monitoring, workflow-directed task management, real-time alerts to exceptions and sophisticated hierarchy management.

A user-friendly interface or mobile app captures the request and associated detail and using organization-defined workflows directs the request to an approval sequence.


MCO's Corporate Compliance Software comprehensively addresses the challenges of regulatory compliance and potential fraud through our “Know Your Employee” and “Know Your Third Party” compliance suites; part of the MyComplianceOffice platform. Both suites access a central database providing organizations with a compliance “system of record” and allow for easy recordkeeping and reporting.

Third Party Manager

Management of third parties and their inherent risk has become an increasingly important and complex activity. Learn how 

MCO’s SaaS solution, Third Party Manager, can help to mitigate risk across your business while reducing the complexity associated with managing third party relationships and contracts.

Third Party Manager

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality

A strong Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality program is essential to mitigating anti-bribery and corruption risk. With GEH from MCO, employees can give and receive gifts and hospitalities while staying in compliance with policy and local laws and jurisdications. GEH makes it easy for employees to preclear and disclose gifts without engaging in conduct risk. 

Gifts, Entertainment & Hospitality

Outside Business Activities

Firms can automate the capture and management of the outside business activities of employees, improving the monitoring of potential conflicts of Interest.

Outside Business Activities 

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