MCO created the most comprehensive ARL management tool available today. Part of KYE employee compliance suite that provides compliance managers with data collection and facilitates workflow, communications, alerts, approval, reporting and record-keeping for common compliance tasks.

Manage Employee Authorizations, Registrations & Licensing with greater efficiency and visibility.

Tracking authorization, registrations and licenses is an integral part of many compliance programs and the penalties for falling behind on these activities are both real and enduring.

MCO's authorization, registrations and licensing (ARL) software is an affordable, easy to use solution that can be installed with minimal effort and without IT involvement.

Load data from FINRA ensuring that information is always up-to-date and matches what the regulators have on file. Conduct background investigations and view advisor CE from education providers. With less time spent manually entering data, your staff can service more advisors than ever before.

Do you know which employees can do what? MCO can help.

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