Compliance Podcasts You Should Listen To


Podcasts aren’t new but they are on the rise, and for a reason, they are an engaging, informative and easy form of content to digest. You just need a mobile device to access them and here you go, great content in your hand.  

Apple recently confirmed the growth of the technology, stating there are over 30 million episodes as of January 2020 and over 850,000 shows including diverse topics. Against 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes in 2018.

Podcasts-focused business is the new generation and you can find experts and senior professionals discussing a diversification of topics. Lots of people have embraced the trends and are squeezing quality podcast time during the commute or at lunch. We have adhered to the trend and you?

Compliance Podcasts

In recent years, many compliance professionals and regulatory experts have been creating podcasts to inform and engage the industry. Tom Fox, contributor of FCPA blog, Compliance Week, Corporate Compliance Insights and thought leader focused on compliance and ethics recently founded the Compliance Podcast Network. A compliance platform network with over 20 industry podcasts, covering topics of corporate governance, innovation in compliance among others.

Here are our four favorite’s podcasts that you can find on Compliance Podcast Network:

Innovation in Compliance Podcast – talks about innovation and ways to implement technology in the compliance function. There are lots of insights into the episodes in how technology is leading the compliance discussion.

If you want to know all thing compliance and a podcast that cover recent cases, you may want to have a look at the FCA Compliance Report Podcast series also hosted by Tom Fox and a number of guests.

Daily Compliance News – if you want to grab a coffee in the morning and listen to the latest news in compliance this is the podcast. Tom Fox highlights the compliance news of the day daily and shares his thoughts on them.

Great Women in Compliance – this podcast is co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. They discuss a variety of topics with their guests, including interviews, interesting conferences round table debrief, inspirational discussions and leadership advice. 

The Compliance Life - This podcast series is focused on bringing details of the role of a Chief Compliance Officer, why they choose the carreer, what to expect in the future and some great stories from CCO. If you are a Chief Compliance Officer or work in Compliance you'll definitely identify with the interviewees. 

Many amazing and inspirational professionals help the compliance function to develop, they have addressing regulatory changes, financial crime, conduct risk and corporate culture. Have a look at other podcast channels covering compliance-related topics that we love.

Risky Women Radio

This podcast is hosted by Kimberley and guests. Risky Women Radio gathers senior women professionals and emerging talents from the risk, compliance and governance community. Where they discuss aspects of the profession, challenges and industry innovations. Our Asia-Pacific Director, Kelly-Ann McHugh interviewed amazing compliance and risk professionals on the Risky Women Radio in 2020. These episodes are full of inspirational stories and insights from top leaders in risk and compliance around the world. In this link, you can find a summary of all episodes Kelly-Ann hosted on the Risky Women Radio.

Culture of Compliance

Sabrina Serafin hosted podcasts interviews several senior compliance officers and explores compliance as a competitive advantage in organizations, changes to the industry and function and how it has been affecting companies nowadays.

Corruption, Crime & Compliance  

Michael Volkov, CEO of The Volkov Group Law Firm gives an overview of hot topics around corruption, crime, and compliance with a diverse list of guests during the episodes he goes through topics such as conflict of interest management, financial compliance trends, and regulations.

Compliance Perspective

The SCCE podcasts hosted by its Vice President, Adam Turteltaub talks about all things compliance with a variety of topics and guests.

Fintech Insider Podcast 

This podcast is hosted by a variety of experts, including David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Leda Glyptis and Sarah Kocianski. Every week they release two episodes including topics such as fintech, banking, technology ad financial services.


The Freshfields podcast series give insights to help organizations to safeguard the future. Freshfiekds' lawyers discuss key themes on FCA enforcement, Global investigations, Brexit impact on business and the management of conduct risk. The podcasts are short and very engaging.

The Compliance Word Podcast

RAW Compliance is a global platform for compliance professionals to develop new skills, learn from experts, collaborate, network and try new initiatives. The podcast from RAW Compliance interviews a variety of Compliance experts on topics such as innovation, creating the right culture and challenges in regulatory compliance. 

FSTech Podcasts

The subject in the FSTech podcasts are broad but there are a number of great and insightful compliance podcasts on the website. They recently published episoded on "the cost of non-compliance", "money laundering risk in the time of Coronavirus" and "RegTech and remote working". There is a variety of other tech topics and episodes from RegTech to data governance. 

There are so many impressive and insightful podcasts, we thank all these professionals for spreading their knowledge. Are there any other compliance podcast that you enjoy? If so, please send your suggestions to us.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.