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What is Your Compliance Management Challenge?

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Learn how MCO helps global, highly regulated firms build long-term compliance solutions.

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Numbers don't lie. With a growing customer base and 16+ years of experience building and perfecting our compliance management software, the numbers tell a story of promises delivered.




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Why Choose MCO?

We understand that making a change, means taking a risk. Whether moving from a manual process or replacing a system, your concerns are ours. You can trust MCO to know the stakes and strive to define the right journey for your firm.

Fully Integrated Platform
Modular Approach
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The Power of One

No more swivel chair compliance. Complete access to all your work in one place. One portal with one login, one data source and an unprecedented level of risk control.

Build it Your Way

No two companies have the same regulatory requirements, but all require technology that works to their specification.  MyComplianceOffice modular approach means purchase what is needed today and know that tomorrow's need can be easily added.

Get More for Less

SaaS technology is less costly to buy and install. MCO's platform with central data center for all compliance modules means a cost-efficient and proactive approach to managing regulated activities.

Enhance a Culture of Compliance

User adoption is important. A simple, modern user interface combined with minimal clicks makes it very easy for employees to use. System administrators can quickly customize documents without IT involvement.

Make IT Work for You

With clients in over 80 countries, MCO offers more extensive global support capability than the competition, with 24 x 7 tech support and 20 x 5 customer support.

Know Your Employee (KYE)         Employee Compliance

Automate monitoring and approval of employee compliance activities with an intuitive interface enabling fulfillment of compliance obligations with minimal effort. 

  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Political contributions
  • Outside business activities
  • Authorizations, registrations and licensing
  • Personal trading
  • Attestation and certifications
  • eComms Surveillance

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Know Your Transactions (KYT) Transaction Surveillance

The issue of conduct risk is especially sensitive when it originates within the core financial transactions of a firm. KYT helps firms mitigate risk that can originate from breaches in market manipulation, insider trading, suitability, conflicts of interest, fund mandate and investment banking activities.

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Know Your Obligations (KYO)         Compliance Oversight

Gain a holistic and aggregate view of the firm's risk profile to help compliance set regulatory priorities, visually map obligations, identify gaps in policies and procedures and streamline operations.

  • Regulatory Change Manager
  • Compliance Risk Manager
  • Compliance Assurance Manager
  • Policy Content Governor

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Know Your Third Party (KYTP)        Third Party Risk Management

Manage and monitor the risks associated with third parties. Simplified approach with streamlined technology improves internal processes while meeting increased regulatory and audit scrutiny.

  • Third party on-boarding activities
  • Initial and ongoing third-party data management
  • Ongoing third-party due diligence
  • Anti-bribery / Anti-corruption program
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Financial Services Compliance Management Software

Successful compliance management for financial services requires that firms track and record the activities of a broad range of individuals, from internal employees, senior executives and staffers to external customers, vendors, and other third-party affiliates. Most firms have multiple activity compliance management systems that track regulatory activities and identify risky behaviors occurring in and between organizations.

Unfortunately, multiple regulatory compliance software systems often fail to adequately assess data because they don’t monitor all behaviors and miss vital information altogether (data gaps), or when more than one system monitors and reports the same behaviors (data redundancy). Essentially, compliance management systems fail because they don’t talk to each other—the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand knows.

When systems fail, the risk of non-compliance soars, firms can suffer hefty fines, regulatory sanctions, and even criminal charges.

Fortunately, firms can avoid compliance hazards by using MyComplianceOffice, one compliance platform that provides many compliance products all in one place and with one login.

A centralized Compliance Management platform provides a complete set of integrated data, compliance evaluators can identify problems early and mitigate risky behaviors before they escalate to critical levels.

Implementing an all-inclusive compliance management software not only helps a firm better manage compliance risk, it also demonstrates to examiners and regulators that they are serious about compliance management. Examiners look favorably on firms that leverage compliance software to manage risk proactively. Firms that use such systems greatly benefit with significantly fewer compliance violations and costly risks.

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