FINRA Plans To Up Annual Gift Limit to $175



FINRA has proposed to increase the amount a registered representative can spend on an individual’s gift or gratuity per year from $100 to $175. The increase in the gift limit is said to accommodate inflation.

Other proposed rule changes include;

  • Including a de minimis threshold on gifts received. Meaning, records would not need to be kept on gifts received under a certain amount.
  • Amend the non-cash compensation rules to cover all securities products, rather than only direct participation programs (DPPs), variable insurance contracts, investment company securities and public offerings of securities.
  • Changes to internal sales contests for non-cash compensation.
    • Non-cash compensation must be based on total production with respect to all securities products.
    • Not be based on conditions which encourages members to recommend particular securities

For full disclosure on the proposed changes, read the official release statement here

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