Meet a Member of the Team - Colleen Umathum


MCO is committed to delivering the best product and services to our customers. Thanks to our team of professionals for putting in hard work every day to make our customers achieve their compliance goals. In this blog series, we would like to take the spotlight from MCO and its products and feature our people. At the end of the day, our people are the stars of this business, they make us great and lead our customers to success.

Since joining MCO in 2017, Colleen has been working on the implementation team and she has had the opportunity to see her work make a direct and positive impact on the growth of the company. Colleen helps our customers across all locations and describes her job as very exiting. Do you want to know why? Read the interview below to find out more.

What do you do at MCO? And how long have you worked for MCO?

I am on the Implementation Team and was one of the first employees in the Fort Worth, Texas office under Rod Fomby’s leadership.  I started in October 2017.

What did you do before joining MCO?

Prior to joining MCO, I was the Director of Client Services for an employee recognition company where we managed SaaS platforms and account program administration for Fortune 500 companies world-wide.

My positions in my previous company included leading a team of 30+ employees on-site and remote, project management, large client onboarding with custom development on our multi-tenant systems, ISO 9001:2000 registration introduction and oversight, continual process improvement to name a few.

My passion has always been in the implementation stage – I find it the most exciting time of the partnership with clients – everyone is interested in getting the product launched and it involves a lot of problem-solving and technical solutions.

Describe a typical day at MCO?

My typical day is not quite typical for most.

I have been fortunate enough to work with clients world-wide which coincides with my early-morning tendencies. Several days a week I am up early to work with clients in a variety of time zones. A fairly standard day consists of project status calls with several clients ranging from meetings with business teams, tech teams to executive sponsors. I see my position as the “glue” between all these teams for my clients as well as for MCO, involving our internal resources where needed and keeping projects on course and identifying items that are potentially expanding the scope of the engagement. A usual part of my day includes discussions with our product team to identify if client requests are going to be available in future releases (roadmap items) or new ideas by clients that will enhance the product(s) with new custom development.

What do you find most exciting and satisfying about your job?

My passion is problem solving and interpreting perceived “problems” into technical solutions that free up my clients from manual work. This is extremely satisfying!  I also love being part of a company that listens to our clients and what would help make their job easier (i.e., new regulations requiring enhancements or to look at things from a new/different perspective). The technical side of an implementation is fun to coordinate too – I learn something new on every engagement.

What inspires you to do what you do?

My greatest motivator is working for a company that truly cares for their employees. Coming from the employee recognition industry, it is my firm belief if you treat your employees right and listen, they will return this ten-fold on how they take care of clients. I also have a servant-heart and always want to do all I can to help my clients be successful.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Wow, that is a loaded question!  I love my critters (I have 3 dogs and 2 parrots) the dogs rule my world more than anything. I also enjoy working out, it is a great way to step away from technology and be absorbed in making me the best version of myself. Music is also a passion of mine (I’m not talented in this area, but appreciate those who are). A typical weekend would consist of sitting on a patio with a live band playing in the company of friends. I’ve also been fortunate to be able to incorporate my passion for travel with my position and enjoy visiting our headquarters in Dublin to build personal relationships and see the amazing country of Ireland.

Could you tell me one fun fact about you?

I’ve always loved Ireland and did many reports and presentations in elementary school on Ireland.  I begged my grandparents to take me to Ireland when they visited around my 12th birthday (sadly I was unsuccessful). When I was interviewed by MCO,  they asked me if I had any questions and I asked if my name being Colleen would give me an advantage over other candidates as the company CEO is from Ireland (again, sadly they said no, but it all worked out). 

We hope you like to meet Colleen and know more about our team. We will keep you posted on the next team member interview!