Cybersecurity and GDPR: the Budget Battles

FineOps Report recently featured CEO of MCO, Brian Fahey in an article discussing cybersecurity and GDPR. Read an excerpt here, with a link to the full story at the bottom of the post.

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GDPR Awareness: Our New Responsibilities

The following is an excerpt from a blog post by our recent webinar co-hosts, Eukleia from our webinar: 'SM&CR: 5 Lessons Learned from the Banking Sector'.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only a few months away from becoming effective across the EU. But what do your employees know about it? How does it affect your organisation? The answer is probably: quite a lot! Any company that is based in the EU, or that processes the data of EU individuals, must be ready to comply.

A recent survey by the UK data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner, found that only one fifth of the UK public have trust and confidence in companies and organisations storing their personal information.

Against this backdrop, the GDPR provides an opportunity for organisations to aim higher in raising standards but also presents a significant challenge in terms of technology, organisation and training. And it’s not just a matter of reputation and trust – those who fail to meet the standards required face stringent penalties.

Read the rest of this blog post from Eukleia here, 'GDPR awareness: our new responsibilities'.

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5 Steps for the Financial and Fintech Sector to be GDPR Ready

The following is a guest post from Emily Mahoney of Mason Hayes & Curran, the October MCO Webinar presenter. View all MCO Webinars here.

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