MCO can capture up to 100% of an employee’s personal trades and holdings in electronic form, even for brokerages outside the US. 

Advantages of Automation 

Automation of employee personal trades gives firms the ability to capture and process employee trade data quickly and efficiently. MCO offers 100% electronic trade capture, even for employees with broker accounts outside of the United States. This gives compliance improved supervision and oversight of employee trades. 

Our compliance software, Personal Trade Manager, receives daily downloads on employee trades from more than 4,000 financial institutions. For institutions outside the US, PTM offers alternative electronic trade capture methods to streamline the supervision process. 

Once the employee data is received in the system, the processing of rules and the management of all employee personal trades and holdings happens automatically. Trades can be approved, denied or escalated, according to rules set up for the business. 

To learn more about trade capture, visit the MCO blog Capture an Employee's Personal Trades and Holdings.

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MCO's Personal Trade Manager (PTM) helps employees stay in compliance with firm policies around personal trade activity. The automated, centralized solution makes it simple to monitor employee personal trades and holdings for conflicts of interest.

Employee Trade Pre-Clearance Process

Monitoring employee preclearance requests can help protect the firm from trade violations and insider trading. MCO's Personal Trade Manager simplifies the preclearance process for both compliance and employees. 

Employee Trade Pre-Clearance Process

Processing an employee post-trade transaction

Receive timely confirmations of employee trade transactions to check for rule breaks and trade violations. The system automatically alerts if a rule break has occurred. 

Processing an employee post trade transaction

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