Strong policies and procedures are the foundation of a solid compliance program. Policies and procedures provide clear directives to compliance, staff, and senior management about what their compliance obligations are. But policies and procedures can’t be set and then forgotten. Firms need up to the minute compliance data for assurance that their policies and procedures are effectively put into everyday practice and operating as expected.

Assurance Data Manager (ADM) provides firms with the ability to gather compliance data and assurance information concerning the operation of polices and controls from any/all lines of defense across the organization. ADM offers firms:

  • Assurance of the effectiveness and reliability of policies and procedures
  • Control testing and verification
  • Control performance metrics on both qualitative and quantitative data to track proof of compliance and areas in breach

Assurance Data Manager provides compliance teams with assurance that their policies and procedures are followed across the organization and identifies areas where policies and procedures are lacking or non-existent.

Testing and Metrics for Policy and Procedures Assurance

Testing and metrics provide compliance and senior management with a clear picture of risk across the organization. Assurance data and metrics provide insight that helps compliance hone in on key risks and prioritize risks and resources.

ADM provides comprehensive compliance testing and metrics that allow teams to assess the quality of risks and controls, heighten awareness of risk in real time and increase transparency and efficiency, allowing teams to:

  • Verify measures have the intended impact
  • Identify areas where current controls are falling short
  • Prove adherence and impact to regulators


Flexibility to Meet the Needs of the Firm

ADM enables an agile approach by allowing maximum flexibility in how teams capture assurance data without the need for technical expertise or assistance. The solution can add assurance data from other MCO modules or internal systems to ascertain if controls and policies are being followed by staff and to provide a probability of future status. With ADM firms can:

  • Gather information as qualitative or quantitative data
  • Utilize manual or file-based data capture models
  • Customize the frequency of assurance data collection
  • Generate reporting with proof points organized by regulation under review
  • Simplify internal and regulatory audits

Know Your Risk

Assurance Data Manager is part of MCO’s Know Your Risk (KYR) solution suite. With KYR, firms gain a holistic and aggregate view of their risk profile that helps compliance teams set regulatory priorities, identify gaps in policies and procedures and streamline operations.

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