The MyComplianceOffice software is a single integrated RegTech solution for managing financial services compliance function, including conflicts of interest automation and control room compliance.

MCO has 450+ clients in over 80 countries and employees around the world. Our aim is to deliver affordable, easy-to-use compliance technology that helps highly-regulated firms better monitor, identify and remedy conflicts of interest and code of conduct issues.

A fully integrated technology platform to address compliance program management challenges

MyComplianceOffice helps firms with:

  • Perceived, Potential or Actual Conflicts of Interest (COI)
  • Outside Business Interests (Outside Business Activities)
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Attestations and Certifications
  • Dynamic and Customisable Disclosures
  • Configurable Forms and Questionnaires
  • Compliance Calendar and Tasks
  • Compliance Document Management

MyComplianceOffice allows firms to have a modern approach to compliance management and overall improve their compliance program management.

Compliance is changing. So, too, are expectations for compliance professionals to add meaningful insights on organizational risk, keep pace with the changing regulatory environment, in addition, to empower employees with useful tools and information on what their obligations are.

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We help firms to meet evolving regulatory needs and ensure compliance more easily

At the heart of MCO's compliance platform is an integrated solution to manage conduct risk and monitor conflicts of interest, including modules to manage Employee Personal Account Dealing, Trade Surveillance, Charitable Donations, Political Contributions, Gifts Entertainment, and Hospitality and Financial Services Control Room Compliance.

Learn how MCO helped a large Financial Institution with over 3,600 employees to improve compliance and manage conflicts of interest by implementing to their compliance program our solution to monitor:

  • Employee Personal Trading
  • Outside Business Activities
  • Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality
  • Political Contributions and Donations
  • Authorisations, Registrations and Licensing

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Policies & Procedures Management Software

Load your Policies and Procedures and allow them to be attached to disclosures, downloaded and attested as read and understood by your users.

Configurable Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest Software

The configurable disclosure capability allows you to create your own disclosure form, which can be made available to a single group or your entire firm. We have created our own Disclosure forms, which are linked to our rules engines, such as Gifts and Entertainment, Outside Business Interests, and Political Contributions (Charitable Donations), which are available in their own unique modules for other Conflicts of Interest workflows. Outside of these standard disclosures, compliance officers can use our compliance software to develop disclosures relevant to the firm. These forms can be routed using our configurable workflow. Employees and Supervisors can add their own comments and actions to all forms.

Task Management and Compliance Calendar

Our Task capability allows you to set up recurring or once-off compliance tasks to be completed. This is an important part of your compliance program and relates to the "implementation" step of ISO 19600:2014. View completed tasks and export this information if requested during a compliance audit or examination.

Configurable Workflow for Better Compliance Management

Do you have different groups within your organization that require different levels of workflow and approval? MCO's configurable workflow allows you to define any number of disclosure forms and have them routed to different approvers based on the end-user completing them.


The Attestations manager enables the compliance team to quickly configure an attestation questionnaire and request its completion from any employees in the organization. This could include your Annual Code of Ethics attestation, Policy and Procedure sign off, meeting note confirmations, outside business activities confirmation, senior managers regime confirmation attestations.


The MCO Compliance Software allows your organization to be up and running in a very short implementation time period, thanks to our expert professional services staff, who will efficiently understand your requirements and configure your rules and templates. Our implementation team will also work to train your compliance staff so you can manage your disclosures and compliance tasks. MCO provides hands-on user training, training videos, guides, live sessions and a customer portal with expert help available 24/7 to cover any questions.

Whether you are trying to automate your compliance program in a corporate or financial services form, MCO's compliance software will be able to assist you in moving away from paper-based approaches or guide you through your software migration process.

Learn more about MCO's risk and compliance solutions, or download our overview brochure for more details on solutions and how we can help you with your compliance program.

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