Monitor employee political contributions and protect from potential conflicts of interest. 

Automate with ease and get it right every time.

From Trump to Brexit to the US Supreme Court hearings, the political landscape is changing. More employees may be becoming politically active. This could leave organizations vulnerable to violating pay-to-play and anti-corruption laws.

Due to the potential financial and regulatory implications, organizations must monitor employee political contributions. Political Contributions and Donations (PCD) solution makes it easy to manage, monitor and report on employee contributions. 

Firms use MCO to:

  • Simplify the process for employees to submit preclearance requests and attest to donations given
  • Actively manage, monitor and report on employee political contributions
  • Reduce the time and effort required to run a robust political contribution compliance program 
  • Provide evidence that employees are in compliance with pay-to-play laws

Pay-to-play is a form of corruption. As regulators around the world continue to invest in combating anti-bribery law violations, organizations must have clear policies for monitoring and reporting political contributions. 

MCO’s solution for political contributions gives organizations a centralized approach to monitoring and managing employee political contributions. The solution enables employees to complete their responsibilities and makes it easier for Compliance to detect and monitor high-risk employees. 

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