Books and Records in the Regulatory Spotlight


With recent enforcement actions reflecting the Gensler administration’s priority on books and records, can your firm's  audit trail stand up to regulatory scrutiny?

The end of 2021 saw the SEC fine a large U.S. securities firm $125 million for “widespread” failure to keep adequate records of staff communications on personal mobile devices, messaging apps, and emails. With the SEC indicating that they are currently investigating other firms’ record keeping practices, more enforcement is likely expected in 2022.

And it doesn’t end with electronic communications. The enforcement reflects the Gensler administration’s priority on proper record keeping across the organization. Firms of all sizes should be taking a hard look at their electronic record preservation systems, reporting abilities and related policies and procedures in areas like gifts and entertainment, outside business activities and political contributions as well.

Can your audit trail hold up?

Join Jane Shamanesh from Adherence LLC for the on-demand webinar Books and Records in the Regulatory Spotlight for a conversation that covers the importance of electronic recordkeeping in compliance including:

  • An analysis of recent regulatory enforcement
  • Proposed amendments to SEC Rules 17a-4 and 18a-6
  • Impact of remote work and the use of non-company devices
  • Practical guidance on what firms need to be doing right now

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An audit trail that stands up to regulatory scrutiny

MCO's fully integrated conduct risk platform creates comprehensive audit trails actions taken over time and across employees, firm transactions and third parties. Compliance activities including testing and review, employee certifications, and case management are documented every step of the way from breach identification to resolution.

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