Strategies for Gifts and Entertainment Compliance


A survey by Coresight Research estimate that the corporate gift giving market in the U.S will reach $258 billion in 2022.  That's a lot of potential gifts sent to employees, customers and vendors - and a lot of potential opportunity for conduct risk.



With the holiday season coming up before we know it, firms must have solid policies, procedures and controls in place to monitor, document and address potential conflicts of interest around gifts, entertainment and hospitality. And equally important, employees must be aware of the policy and the procedures they are required to carry out to be compliant.

How can firms ensure that their gifts, entertainment and hospitality compliance program is effective?

Join MCO and Tom Kennedy from Abide Consulting for the on-demand webinar Compliance Techniques for Managing Gifts and Entertainment.

Tom offers practical guidance in a question and answer session covering what compliance should be doing to ensure gifts and entertainment compliance is on point this holiday season and beyond including:

  • Regulatory trends and expectations
  • What makes a good gifts and entertainment policy
  • When is a gift acceptable, and when is it considered inappropriate?
  • What should compliance be doing to ensure employees are aware of policies and procedures?
  • How can technology help streamline the process for both compliance and employees


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Automation can help mitigate the risks associated with gifts entertainment by flagging exceptions and uncovering patterns of behavior.  MCO's Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality (GEH) solution provides firms with an integrated and comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing employee gifts, meals, entertainment, travel and hospitality activities available.  Download the brochure to learn more.

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality is part of MCO’s Know Your Employee compliance suite, an integrated solution that manages attestations and certifications, personal trades, outside business activities, gifts & hospitality, access to MNPI and other areas of employee compliance. Learn more about Know Your Employee.