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Best Practices in Policy and Procedure Management for Financial Services


Financial services firms contend with a relentless tide of regulatory changes, emerging risks, and evolving business operations; policy and procedure management challenges become increasingly complex. They must create and maintain policies and ensure their ongoing relevance and compliance in a dynamic regulatory environment. Managing policies and procedures is a critical cornerstone in corporate governance, risk management, and compliance. Policies and procedures done right enable a financial services organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty/risk, and act with integrity. The key to success lies in crafting structured processes that facilitate the authoring, approval, and maintenance of policies while engaging employees to foster awareness, understanding, and adherence.

Join Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 for a webinar that delves into the heart of these challenges, offering insights into effective strategies and technology's pivotal role in navigating the intricate waters of policy and procedure management within the dynamic realm of financial services, including:

  • Effective Policy Maintenance Strategies
  • Understanding Policy Lifecycle Management
  • Structured Processes for Policy Authoring and Approval
  • Employee Engagement on Policies, Attestations, and Awareness
  • The Role of Technology in Policy Lifecycle Management

If you missed the live webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording. 

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