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Compliance Techniques for Managing Gifts and Entertainment

The giving and receiving of gifts is a perennial compliance trouble spot. Even a gift that’s completely well intentioned can give off the appearance of impropriety. And what about entertainment, like tickets to events, holiday parties and dinners out?

Firms must have solid policies, procedures and controls in place to monitor, document and address potential conflicts of interest around gifts, entertainment and hospitality. And equally important, employees must be aware of the policies and the procedures they are required to carry out to be compliant.

To learn more, view the recorded session with Thomas Kennedy from Abide Consulting Group featuring practical guidance on managing gifts and entertainment compliance, including:

  • Regulatory requirements for investment advisers, broker dealers and investment companies
  • Techniques for dually (or multi) registered firms or personnel.
  • Supervisory techniques for approval and reporting on gifts and entertainment.
  • What makes a good gifts and entertainment policy?
  • When is a gift acceptable, and when is it considered inappropriate?
  • Dealing with clients with special regulatory restrictions (pensions, unions, etc.).
  • Applicability of gifts and entertainment policies to vendors.
  • What should compliance be doing to ensure employees are aware of policies and procedures?
  • How can technology help streamline the process for both compliance and employees?

If you missed the live webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording. 

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