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Beyond Wishful Thinking: How to Create a Thriving Culture of Compliance

It’s easy to talk about the need for a culture of compliance in theory, but much harder to put it into practice in a way that’s pragmatic—and that can be evidenced to regulators.

A focus on conduct and ethical culture isn’t just good for compliance. It’s good for business. Recent industry events including the FTX scandal and U.S. bank collapses have put into sharp focus the fact that addressing ethical breaches after they occur instead of taking a more proactive approach can have catastrophic consequences.

We hosted a webinar on July 12 with Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 on growing and nurturing your firm’s culture of ethics and compliance. Michael offered practical guidance on how to execute, including,

  • Driving awareness and understanding of ethical obligations across the organization
  • Developing structure that embeds communication of obligations – and controls for when standards are breached
  • Defining roles and obligations from the C-Suite to the front lines
  • Understanding the importance of policies and procedures.

During this webinar, Michael addressed several questions, including:

  • How do I get different parts of the organization on board?
  • How do I build a business case?
  • How do you deal with blind spots you may have in the deal process?

If you missed the live webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording. 

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