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Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Regulation Explained

As the crypto-asset industry continues to evolve, regulatory frameworks become crucial for maintaining stability and protecting investors. MiCA aims to strike the balance between safeguarding market participants and fostering innovation within the European crypto-asset space. With MiCA slated to take effect in early 2024, now is the time to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding to stay ahead of the curve.

We hosted a webinar on June 21 with Mark Browne, Partner at Clerkin Lynch LLP and expert in financial regulation, that provides a practical overview of MiCA and its key provisions, including:

  • Background
  • Aims and scope
  • Key provisions
  • Current status and next steps
  • Other related European legislative actions

During this webinar, Mark addressed several questions, including:

  • How is MiCA shaping up compared to emerging regulation in the US and UK? 
  • To what extent will MiCA apply to crypto firms registered in the UK? 
  • Are crypto-currencies subject to regulatory requirements in all EU jurisdictions? 
  • Will MiCA have clear definitions of crypto assets? Will the regulation make such assets subject to Market Abuse Regulations and Insider Dealing laws?

If you missed the live webinar, fill out the form to watch the recording. 

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