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Integrated Approach to Employee Compliance

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Employee compliance encapsulates many types of  potential conflicts of interests. The MyComplianceOffice platform fully integrates functionality and data in a unique way to ensure nothing is missed and that you really Know Your Employee.

Monitor, identify and remedy conflicts of interest and code of conduct issues.

With KYE, organizations seamlessly address the many areas of employee compliance; personal trade, gifts, entertainment and hospitality, outside business activities, political contributions and donations, authorizations, registrations and licensing. Modules can be implemented individually or in combination to ensure full compliance.

Employee Compliance

Personal Trade Management

Automate employee personal trade policies in one solution with 100% trade capture capability.

Employee Compliance

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality

Easy, automated monitoring of gifts and hospitality activities with comprehensive submission and approval processes.

Employee Compliance

Authorizations, Registrations & Licensing

Ensure all licensing and continuing education are up to date. Stop manually managing the high volume of data associated with authorizations, registrations and licensing compliance. 

Employee Compliance

Outside Business Activities

Automate the capture and management of the outside business activities of employees, enabling an efficient identification, monitoring and disposition of potential conflicts of interest.

Employee Compliance

Political Contributions and Donations

Automatically monitor employee political activities to ensure they do not exceed donation limits across different countries, lines of business, offices and user groups.

Employee Compliance

Mobile Compliance for Employees

The MyComplianceOffice app improves the timeliness of employee requests and compliance engagement.

Future-proof technology with all the trimmings

The best compliance solution is useless without the right support to make successful.

Commitment to security is paramount

The security and protection of client data is a primary concern. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. The MCO platform has the ISO 27001 Information Security standard as well as the EU-US Privacy Shield Data Protection Certification, in partnership with TRUSTe (www.Truste.com).

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Implementation on time & budget

MCO implementation specialists assist clients with planning, analysis, configuration, integration, migration, testing, training, and rollout of the application. The objective is an outstanding implementation experience that meets the client’s requirements in a timely manner.

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service implementation

Onboarding is a welcoming experience

We know that client onboarding is critical to establishing trust and setting the tone for every client relationship. It's an important factor in our exceptional retention rate.  When welcoming new clients, we address questions and concerns, and ensure clients understand the services available to them as part of the MCO family.

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Training and ongoing support that exceeds industry averages

Customer support at MCO is proactive and forward thinking, striving to better understand and anticipate client needs. To best deliver quality service, three distinct teams; implementation, support and success, were created. This reflects our culture of commitment to customer satisfaction and explains MCO’s 97% customer retention rate.

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"My team was impressed with the speed of the implementation. We've all come to believe that new technology installs require more time and budget than originally stated. But, not with MCO."

Chief Compliance Officer - Global Business Consulting Firm