Employee code of conduct management

Know Your Employee (KYE)

It is important to demonstrate that you Know Your Employees (KYE) because regulation places a heavy responsibility on you to monitor, manage and record what they are doing. We engage employees with simple, intuitive interfaces that enable them to fulfil their obligations with a minimum of effort. If you would like to learn more about these solutions simply fill in the form on the right to get your demo or to take a free trial. 

Our KYE solution has extensive functionality that will track employees with an interconnected suite of configurable modules. Some of the features you can enjoy include:

Employee Personal Trading

  • Automate entire employee personal trading policies in one solution with 100% trade capture capability

  • Comprehensive global security master

  • Reduce false positives with flexible rules engine

Gifts and Entertainment

  • Easy, automated monitoring of gifts and entertainment activities

  • Comprehensive submission & approvals process

  • Integrates with Know Your Third Party (KYTP) management module for a comprehensive anti-corruption and anti-bribery program

Political Contributions

  • Comprehensive oversight across all political contributions

  • Capture employee contributions

  • Rules & alerts functionality

All Other Employee Disclosures and Certifications

  • Extensive flexible engine for various other employee disclosure, review and approval policies

  • This includes Outside Business Activities, Anti-Nepotism, Lobbying, and many more are available

  • Easy to deploy and modify as policies evolve over time

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All of these components integrate with our attestations and certifications functionality to simplify ongoing employee monitoring procedures

If you would like to learn more about these solutions, fill in the quick form to get your demo or to take a free trial.

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