Manage the Outside Business Activities of Employees with Confidence

OBA regulation was designed to protect investors from potentially problematic or risky activities that are unknown to the firm but could be perceived by the investing public as either part of the firm’s business or having the firm’s imprimatur. In addition, the rules protect firms from reputational or litigation risks when employees engage in business and securities activities outside of the firm.

With the OBA module in MyComplianceOffice, firms can automate the capture and management of the outside business activities of employees, enabling an efficient identification, monitoring and disposition of potential conflicts of Interest.

Benefits of OBA with MyComplianceOffice

  • Easy to implement and use by both employees and administrators
  • Reduces the time and cost of tracking and monitoring OBAs
  • Integrates with FINRA for ease of regulatory reporting
  • Discourages “bad actors” or “rogue” activities
  • Aids employee obligation awareness and a culture of compliance
  • Increases regulatory rigor through improved auditing, tracking and reporting
"Firms that had an effective programs to manage OBAs typically implemented proactive compliance efforts".
FINRA 2017

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