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Regulatory Compliance Rising Rapidly in Malaysia (New Guidance)

On 22 June 2015, retired Swiss banker Xavier Justo was arrested by armed Thai police at his brand new boutique hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. Six months later, Justo provided a British journalist with thousands of documents that started a much larger chain reaction. The documents appeared to shed light on the alleged theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from a state-owned Malaysian investment fund known as 1MDB.

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Cost of Compliance 2021 – Challenges and Change

2020 and 2021 have been eventful years, dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and political and regulatory changes across the globe. In their Cost of Compliance 2021 survey Thomson Reuters researchers asked over 720 global financial services professionals their thoughts on the state of compliance in today’s world. The results highlight the challenges and changes that compliance practitioners in the financial services industry expect to face in the year ahead.

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MCO Honored on List of Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2021

New York – MCO (MyComplianceOffice) announced that it has been named one of the Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2021 by the Financial Technology Report. This year's recipients comprise a broad range of companies that create accessible, uncomplicated and robust solutions that support our thriving and complex global economy.

Press Release originally published at Lexology.com

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Facing compliance system migration? Investigate the options!

What happens when a software upgrade involves not just a few changes to your existing compliance solution but a move to an entirely new platform? If your compliance vendor is forcing a transition to a brand new system you can expect time and money lost in revamping internal processes and getting up to speed on the technology, along with the increased risk that implementing an untested platform will bring.

Don’t feel pressured to commit to the conversion without significant thought and assessment.  With large scale disruption already on the horizon, it’s an opportune time to take a look at other options in the market to see if there’s another solution that better meets your needs.

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Meet a Member of the Team - Conor Sexton

MCO is a growing SaaS-based software company, and our employees make a significant impact on this success. We are pleased to show you the backstage of our operations, bringing you closer to our team members. The “meet a member of the team” series remove the attention from our products and services to feature our people.

This month, we’re delighted to introduce you to a member of our Front-End team at our Dublin office, Conor Sexton.

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