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MCO Wins the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021

 MCO (MyComplianceOffice), the leading provider of compliance management software for financial services firms, announced that its platform and employee compliance suite were named a winner of the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 in the category "Most Innovative Conduct Risk / SMCR / KYE / Staff Surveillance Project".

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MNPI Remains a High Risk Area for Compliance

Failing to adequately manage Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) remains a high risk area for compliance, as evidenced by recent actions in the U.S. and the U.K. A private equity firm paid $1 million to settle SEC charges for failing to implement effective Insider Trading compliance policies. The FCA published a Decision Notice fining a former CEO £658,900 for market abuse and banning him from future roles linked to regulated activity.

To avoid hefty fines and actions, firms must have comprehensive and actionable policies and procedures around the management of MNPI and insider lists to minimize risk.

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Less is More for Compliance in 2021

In 2021, Compliance expects to face a reduction of staff and budget dedicated to its department, contrasting with the current need for better monitoring of employees’ activities and the raising of regulatory enforcement. This year was a time to re-evaluate compliance programs and review processes. Many Compliance departments spent weeks doing so, coming to the conclusion that a more efficient technology is the only way to reduce the cost of its activities, improve the monitoring of employees and transform inadequate Compliance programs.

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MCO Recognized for Shaping the Future of Compliance

MCO (MyCompliaceOffice), the leading provider of automation for the management of compliance and conduct risk, is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative technology solution providers on the annual RegTech100 list.
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Lessons from Top 10 FCPA Fines

When looking at the Goldman Sachs’ $3.3 billion settlement and analyzing other similar cases where FCPA applied penalties and disgorgement, we see common failures in financial institutions to maintain internal controls. But what can we learn from the top 10 FCPA fines?

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