How to Plan a Compliance Solution Migration

Regulatory Compliance is a challenge for financial services and to nail the compliance solution you use is crucial. It is the responsibility of the compliance department to make sure rules and policy are in place to protect the company reputation.

Doesn’t matter the size of your organization or compliance department. Only the best compliance strategy will suffice, if you have a good compliance program but a weak compliance software provider that doesn’t listen to your priorities, migrating to another option is pivotal.

Compliance migration isn't an issue that should be taken lightly, though, which is why you need to plot the progress in style.

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Taking the Next Steps With Your Compliance Solution

Perhaps you already have a compliance solution or perhaps you still trusting on excel spreadsheet and manual process to keep your employees compliant and avoid regulations fines. For sure, if you still using manual process and fully trusting your excel spreadsheet you are in danger. You should be looking for a more modern compliance solution that can help to reduce your stress and workload.

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International Women’s Day: Women’s journey to the compliance world

It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday, March 8th and the theme for this year’s celebrations is #EachforEqual, with the message that “an equal world is an enabled world”. Meaning that we all can collectively help on the fight for women's rights, challenge stereotypes and celebrate women’s achievements. 

Thinking about the challenges that female professionals face in our industry we decided to touch point on a subject that was the focus of a study in the US and Europe, focusing on women's achievements and their potential for progression in compliance.

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We've Been Shortlisted! Best Vendor Solution for Conduct Risk

MCO has been shortlisted as a finalist for “Best Vendor Solution for Managing Conduct Risk” in this year’s RegTech Insight Awards. The award  recognizes providers who are creatively finding solutions to help with regulatory challenges, and span a wide range of regulatory requirements.

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Compliance Challenges: How are you dealing with your millennials employees?

What is generation?

The generation theory was first introduced by the socialist Karl Manheim in 1923. The theory divides generation into groups according to their wishes, experiences, expectancies, values, lifestyles and demographic characteristics, which influence their lives and the way that they consume and behave.

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