Top Ten Reasons to Love MyComplianceOffice


MyComplianceOffice is an innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-use platform that streamlines compliance and regulatory processes for financial services firms. Its integrated technology and comprehensive suite of solutions lets firms take a proactive approach to compliance management and the mitigation of potential conflicts of interest and risk.

Our 1300+ customers across 105 countries find many reasons to love MyComplianceOffice. Here are just a few!


#10 Easily monitor and archive employee communications

February of 2024 saw yet another batch of SEC actions for widespread and ongoing recordkeeping failure by both firms and employees to maintain and preserve electronic communications. With combined penalties for these judgments plus 2022 and 2023 actions well into the billions of dollars, it's a regulatory and business imperative that firms can monitor employee communications to identify areas of risk and archive communications in a reportable and defensible manner.  Read more about how firms who fail to properly preserve eComms face steep regulatory consequences.

MCO's eComms Review and eComms Keep solutions provides firms with comprehensive communications surveillance and consolidated archiving to help reduce the risk of regulatory action and reputational damage by minimizing potentially damaging communications and storing them in accordance with firm policy and regulatory requirements.  Plus, we can get firms up and ready quickly and affordably. 


#9 Stay compliant with accountability regimes across the globe

Global accountability regimes require that firms move beyond check the box compliance and operate with integrity, transparency, and ethical rigor. There's a laundry list of regimes that firms must comply with depending on where they conduct business, including the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) in the UK, the Senior Executive  Accountability Regime (SEAR) in Ireland, the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) and the Responsible Manager (RM) license in Australia, the Manager-In-Charge regime (MiC) in Hong Kong, and the map of senior individual responsibility in Malaysia.  

MCO provides an effective solution so firms can prove they meet the requirements of individual accountability regimes and ensure employees are considered Fit and Proper to effectively perform their roles.  With MCO, organizations can ensure that they have a framework that ensures the firm and associated persons according to Fit and Proper standards and the requirements of applicable accountability regimes.  


#8 Uphold a culture of compliance and ethics across your firm

Watch an on-demand MCO webinar on Building a Culture of ComplianceAll firms must uphold a culture of compliance and ethics regardless of where they are located. Enforcement actions across the globe drive home the point that if firms fail to meet regulatory expectations, financial penalties and reputational damage will follow. And it's not just about regulatory enforcement. A strong compliance culture upheld by solid policies and procedures drives more standardized, efficient and effective operations and demonstrates to investors at all levels that the firm is managed responsibly.

The MyComplianceOffice platform provides our customers with a comprehensive compliance framework that lets compliance professionals manage regulatory obligations and the regulated activities of employees, the company and third parties—and provide demonstrable proof of compliance. 

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#7 Keep pace with global regulatory change

If there's one thing that's constant in financial services compliance, it's the presence of change.  And just knowing that there's been a new or updated regulation isn't enough.  It’s one thing to get a daily regulatory feed. It’s another entirely to quickly understand what matters to the firm in that feed and inform only those who need to know.

MCO provides customers with a regulatory compliance monitoring solution enabling firms to assess obligations and share requirements across the organization, implement policies and controls, monitor and surveil for adherence to policy, measure risk and easily provide proof of compliance—all via one integrated and easy to use platform.  

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#6 Customers love our award-winning platform

Customers love us on G2! (260x260px)We're so proud to say that based on feedback from our customers, MCO has earned four badges in the G2 Winter Report 2024. These accolades highlight MCO’s commitment to outstanding compliance solutions and reflect the satisfaction of our valued customers. Check out what compliance officers, CCOs, and key stakeholders think about the MyComplianceOffice compliance management platform on G2 right here.

Industry experts agree too! Recent industry awards that MCO has recently won include the Deloitte Fast 50 Ireland, Chartis RiskTech 100, Best Conduct Risk Solution at the RegTech Insight Awards, Asia Matters Financial Services and Fintech Exporter of the Year, RegTech Association US RegTech of the Year and Best Compliance and RegTech solution from Financial Services Dublin. Check out MCO's full list of awards here.



#5 Capture 100% of employee trades with MyComplianceOffice

Preventing and penalizing personal account dealing and insider trading continues to be a regulatory priority across the globe, as evidenced by significant and ongoing enforcement across North America, EMEA and APAC.  

Add the complexities and heightened potential for market abuse and manipulation that can arise from hybrid and flexible working arrangements to the regulatory scrutiny, and Compliance Officers have a lot to be concerned about regarding capturing employees’ personal trades. 

MCO's Personal Trade Manager automates the review of employee trades against restricted lists and business rules, and checks for potential conflicts of interest, such as insider trading, front-running and tailgating. By automating personal trade surveillance, firms can achieve a holistic view of user trading and holding data while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.



#4 No more chasing down employees!

Our customers don't have to chase employees to track the status of the licensing and registrations required for their jobs. With MCO's Registrations and Licensing solution, firms can easily manage, capture and update Continuing Education, roles and responsibilities, and licenses and expirations for new and existing employees. With MCO's Registrations and Licensing solution, compliance teams can easily manage high volumes of data while ensuring licenses and continuing education requirements are up to date.

Watch an on-demand webinar on a Better Way to Track Registrations and Licenses

MCO's Outside Business Activities module automates the process of capturing and managing employee OBA activity, facilitating the efficient identification, monitoring, and resolution of potential conflicts of interest. With MCO's Outside Business Activities solution, firms can automate the OBA reporting and attestation process from end to end. And integration with FINRA makes regulatory reporting on both Authorizations, Registrations and licensing and Outside Business Activities easy. Learn more about managing employee Outside Business Activities with MyComplianceOffice

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Gifts and Entertainment compliance gets a lot of attention during the holiday season, but it's a round-the-year concern for Compliance Officers. Beyond year-end gifts and parties, firms should have policies and procedures in place to monitor ongoing entertainment and hospitality activities such as event tickets, golf invites and dinners out.

MyComplianceOffice helps customers to automate their global Gifts and Entertainment policy, set rules to deliver the policy, and control pre and post clearances activities and reports. MCO's Gifts and Entertainment module makes it easy to send information about policies and regulations to employees, and the platform's intuitive interface makes it simple for employees to comply. MCO's Gifts and Entertainment module can be integrated with other internal systems, including HR, so both Compliance and HR departments can have control and insight into the conduct risk profile of each employee and receive confirmation that employees have read and understood the policy.

Political donations and contributions compliance is top of mind in the United States right now in the midst of a contentious election season. MCO's Political Contributions and Donations solution helps firms stay compliant with political contribution and pay-to-play compliance rules.  The platform provides automated workflows to manage attestations and donation preclearance requests.  And to close the loop, regularly updated data at the U.S. federal, state and local level enables compliance to proactively verify donation limits are not exceeded across jurisdictions.

Plus, when compliance teams no longer have to chase employees to meet their compliance deadlines, there's more time for everyone to work on strategic endeavors and improving the company's bottom line. 

Watch an on-demand webinar on strategies for managing Gifts and Entertainment compliance.


#3 Keep Compliance front and center 

MCO keeps compliance front and center for busy employees. With access to compliance obligations easily at hand on their mobile devices, staying compliant is simple and convenient. Remote, hybrid, and asynchronous work is here to stay. Our application makes it easy for employees to fulfill their compliance obligations while working in the office or out. With employees working from home and no longer within eyesight of their compliance officer, our automated platform sends employees reminders of required tasks to be completed—and sends reports of missing action items or irregular employee activity to compliance teams for review.

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#2 Stellar in-region customer support 

Our seasoned and tenured global customer support and success group has significant product and industry experience and deep system knowledge. Friendly local support teams across the United States, EMEA and APAC are proud to provide users with 24x6 customer support. 

We're committed to our customer's success and always striving to better understand and anticipate client needs.  Our team provides resources for firms to maximize their investment in the MyComplianceOffice platform, including articles, videos, webinars and customer-only user groups.


And the #1 reason - a single integrated solution to meet your Compliance needs, now and down the road

A single login to a single system means that employees know exactly where to go to manage their compliance obligations. And a single source of data provides Compliance with comprehensive oversight across the organization using one intuitive system, plus the ability to easily evidence compliance to regulators and senior leadership.

Your compliance platform should not be a one-and-done investment. As regulations and business needs evolve, the MyComplianceOffice platform allows compliance programs to evolve right alongside. Firms can choose the solutions they need today, and add additional capabilities as needs arise, eliminating the need for 'swivel chair compliance' across multiple systems. Our capabilities will let your firm:

Visit this page to see how MCO has powerful options for firms of all sizes and check out our overview brochure for more details about the platform.

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