5 Reasons to Love MyComplianceOffice Software


The MyComplianceOffice platform is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that eases Compliance and regulatory burdens for financial services firms. The suites and modules within the platform help firms and Compliance teams to take a proactive approach to Compliance, manage conflicts of interest and conduct risk.

MCO integrated technology means that firms can have everything in one place for efficiency that doesn't take up too much time when doing everyday Compliance tasks.

We have over 500 customers in 105 countries, and they love MyComplianceOffice for several reasons. Below are some examples.

1. MyComplianceOffice captures 100% of employee’s trades

If you are a Compliance Officer, you probably worry about capturing employees’ personal trades and making sure nothing is missed. With hybrid working, which is here to stay, regulations have focused on the potential for market abuse and manipulation that can arise from hybrid and flexible working arrangements.

In 2021, the fine that the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) applied to Davy should be seen as a warning of the implications of personal account dealing, and firms must be prepared to capture employees’ trades.

MyComplianceOffice Personal Trade Manager automates the review of employee trading activity against restricted lists and other business rules. In addition, this module of the Know Your Employee suite also checks for different conflict scenarios such as insider trading, front-running and tailgating, which are essential to maintain Compliance.

More details about Personal Trading and how you can manage it with MyComplianceOffice can be found here.

2. Not having to worry about employees giving and receiving gifts

While hybrid work is here to stay, many countries are going back to normal activities. Firms that don't have a solution to monitor employee gifts, meals, entertainment, travel and hospitality activities should keep it on the radar.

MCO helps customers to automate their global policy, set rules to deliver the policy and control pre and post clearances activities and reports. The Gifts and Entertainment module makes it very easy to push out information to employees, such as updated policies and regulations.

The module GEH can be integrated with other software, such as HR systems, so Compliance and HR departments can have control and insights into the conduct risk profile of each employee and receive confirmation that employees have read and understood the policy.

3. Not chasing employees around

Our customers don't have to chase employees to track licensing and registrations. With MyComplianceOffice, they can manage, capture and update Continuing Education, relevant employee functions, responsibilities, and activities with our Authorization, Registrations & Licensing tool.

In addition to the ARL module, inside the Know Your Employee suite, our customers use the Outside Business Activities module to preclear different types of FINRA outside activities. This checks for potential conflict of interest. The OBA module also integrates with FINRA to ease regulatory reporting.

4. Compliance is always on your mind and ours

The MyComplianceOffice mobile app, keeps compliance front and center. With it, employees can stay compliant, making Compliance easier and more convenient. On the MyComplianceOffice app, customers can keep Compliance at the forefront of their minds as the data and security available on the desktop is always on hand. The app provides the same data as on the desktop application and real-time reporting.

MCO stays ahead of the latest regulatory issues and creates products to mitigate. For example, investment in digital assets has been increasing exponentially—and so has regulatory scrutiny. Regulators across the globe are putting a high priority on understanding conflicts of interest around cryptocurrency and crypto assets with an eye on how best to regulate the space going forward. MyComplianceOffice personal trading solution allows organizations to seamlessly monitor the preclearance and reporting of crypto investments.

5. Excellent customer support, in case you need a little help

The platform is constantly evolving to serve customers better, and it means that things can change inside the platform now and then. MyComplianceOffice product and customer support teams are always available to help. They prepare a number of articles and videos to post on the Customer Portal to answer customers' most frequently asked questions. Every time something changes inside the platform, the team prepares material to inform users about the changes and how they apply to customers.

Sometimes, customers have very specific questions or requests about the platform or how to use a particular feature. In these cases, we have a friendly support team ready to answer any question and help Compliance Admins with any queries about the platform.

As you grow, so do your Compliance needs

As new regulations come into place or as needs change, our customers can always add modules to help them manage head count growth, more activities and support different regulations in other jurisdictions. Visit this page for an example of what your firm can use depending on its compliance needs and size.

Would you like to understand a bit more about why our customers love the platform? We recommend you request a demo of our solution so our experts can show you how the platform works and give you more details of customer success stories that you probably will be able to relate to.

Look at our overview brochure to see more details about the MyComplianceOffice platform.