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The Right Indicators Bring Clarity to Assuring Compliance Oversight

If the first stage of a pragmatic Know Your Risk strategy is deconstructing and understanding compliance obligations to define where you need to keep your focus, the next step is mapping policies, procedures and controls to performance indicators to be able to accurately assure compliance.

Essentially, at this stage, we need to answer the question: What do we actually need to monitor?

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The Evolution of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

The modern workplace has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The pandemic has changed employee priorities and organisations’ attitudes towards remote and hybrid work environments. These changes have also brought a greater acceptance of workplace flexibility - from both employer and employee perspectives. However, there are also new challenges.

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Data Mapping Effectively Deconstructs Compliance Obligations

Regulations, frameworks, policies and controls define the day-to-day of the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and their teams. It’s fair to say that it is an important yet often troublesome undertaking to make sense of what can often be described as monitoring spaghetti. At the same time, the teams also need to ensure they are keeping senior execs and the Front Office engaged and compliant.

So how can the CCO set regulatory priorities, identify policy and procedure gaps and understand compliance obligations?

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Reducing Compliance Risk in Workplaces Across Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures, religions, and political frameworks that holds a unique growth opportunity. Asia’s consumer markets are rapidly growing and diversifying. McKinsey Global Institute research found that consumers in Asia are now reaching higher tiers of the income pyramid. At the same time, diverse cohorts are developing within key cities. New behaviours, demographics, and growth angles and being created by emerging segments such as Gen Z gamers, digital natives, and older generations moving online, to name a few.

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MCO Launches Know Your Risk (KYR) to Provide Governance and Oversight

[29 June 2022] Dublin - MCO launches Know Your Risk (KYR) to provide financial services firms with comprehensive compliance governance and oversight. The new offering allows firms to develop a complete view of compliance risk and assurance over time.  

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