MAS Bill Set to Enhance Investigative and Supervisory Powers

The Financial Institutions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, or FIMA Bill, aims to enhance the abilities of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to enforce its regulatory regime and supervise capital markets Financial Institutions (FIs).

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Australia Steps Up Foreign Bribery Prevention with New CFB Bill

The Combatting Foreign Bribery (CFB) Bill aims to reform Australia’s foreign bribery offences. It passed Federal Parliament on 29 February 2024 and will come into effect six months after the Governor-General formally accepts it and provides Royal Assent.

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Fit for Purpose – Consumer Duty Compliance Remains a FCA Priority

It's been about six months since the Consumer Duty came into force, setting higher and clearer standards for consumer protection across the financial services industry.

How are firms doing with their implementations and delivery of the good customer outcomes that the FCA expects as the duty comes into force? The agency recently published guidance on lessons learned, including good practices and areas for improvement.

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The Right Indicators Bring Clarity to Assuring Compliance Oversight

If the first stage of a pragmatic Know Your Obligations strategy is deconstructing and understanding compliance obligations to define where you need to keep your focus, the next step is mapping policies, procedures and controls to performance indicators to be able to accurately assure compliance.

Essentially, at this stage, we need to answer the question: What do we actually need to monitor?

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Blackout Periods and Insider Trading Risk for Listed Companies

Insider trading cases have seen a variety of sentences over the years. However, some jurisdictions have recently increased their focus on these cases, seeing more convictions and higher sentences. Blackout periods are a critical component of any public company’s trading policy to minimise the risk of insider trading occurring.

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