What is a Data Controller?


What is a Data Controller?



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Good afternoon. Thank you for joining the webinar today. We're going to give everyone just a couple more minutes to join and then we'll start the webinar. Good afternoon and thank you for joining today's webinar Prepare your firm for GDPR hosted by me Bethany Sirven of MyComplianceOffice with feature presenter Emily Mahoney.

A data controller is essentially those who control the contents and use of personal data. A data controller can either be alone or with others. It can be a legal entity such as a company, a government department or can be an individual like a doctor, pharmacist or sole trader.

As oppose to a data controller, there's also this entity called the data processor and it basically a data processor is a person who processes personal data on behalf of a data controller, but that does not include an employee of a data controller who processes such data in the course of his or her employment.

Again, data processors can be individuals such as doctors, pharmacists or sole traders. To determine whether you're a data controller, you just think about whether you as an individual or organization, do you collect, store or process any data about living people on any type of computer or in a structured filing system, then you're likely a data controller.

Just in practice to figure it out, just ask yourself, "Do I decide?" Do you have decision making power to decide what information is to be collected, stored or to what you set data will be put to, whether it should be deleted or altered. This is an important consideration to undergo because of the serious legal responsibilities that a data controller has.

We would advise if there's any lack of clarity of course to reach out to counsel if you're unsure because you don't want to be found to be considered to be a data controller and then be in breach of potential obligations because you were unaware of your responsibilities.



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