Conclusions - FCPA

Conclusions - FCPA


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So some of the key takeaways from today's session on the act, as I said, make sure that you have the policies and procedures in place; make sure that you guys train all of your individuals; include parts of your company such as marketing, accounting, finance, business development, that you probably would not think of when it comes to this particular act and when it comes to you guys dealing with foreign officials. So I would say those are some good themes that you should be aware of.

So here I just put a sample investment advisory policy here on the screen. Dependent upon the organization that you're working in, it could be as short as a one pager in your code of ethics, or it could be more extensive, but regardless of what you have on paper, you must backfill the policy with processes, procedures, the proper accounting recognition, the proper tools. So as we said before, this is where technology can play significant role in terms of how you monitor for this particular rule.

So that generally ends my portion of the presentation. I know we will be taking a few questions a little later on, but Steve I'll turn it over to you at this point.

Thank you very much indeed, Paul.

If anyone's interested in learning more from Paul about FCPA, you can see his contact details there. As I say, we will send out this deck after today's presentation, so you'll be able to get access to the detail there for Paul and for MyComplianceOffice.


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