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Recent Posts by Kelly-Ann McHugh

Kelly-Ann is a passionate business & technology leader in the Risk & Compliance sector. She is MyComplianceOffice Asia-Pacific director and leads the business growth in the region.
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The Evolution of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

The modern workplace has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The pandemic has changed employee priorities and organisations’ attitudes towards remote and hybrid work environments. These changes have also brought a greater acceptance of workplace flexibility - from both employer and employee perspectives. However, there are also new challenges.

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Reducing Compliance Risk in Workplaces Across Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures, religions, and political frameworks that holds a unique growth opportunity. Asia’s consumer markets are rapidly growing and diversifying. McKinsey Global Institute research found that consumers in Asia are now reaching higher tiers of the income pyramid. At the same time, diverse cohorts are developing within key cities. New behaviours, demographics, and growth angles and being created by emerging segments such as Gen Z gamers, digital natives, and older generations moving online, to name a few.

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RegTech Adoption is the Way Forward for Better Compliance

I recently had the privilege of speaking on the sessionRegTech Adoption – The Way Forward at the 2022 ASIFMA Compliance Asia Conference as part of a panel of industry experts. The conference featured three half-days of info-packed sessions that covered the latest compliance issues and emerging regulatory trends. 

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Regulatory Compliance Rising Rapidly in Malaysia (New Guidance)

On 22 June 2015, retired Swiss banker Xavier Justo was arrested by armed Thai police at his brand new boutique hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. Six months later, Justo provided a British journalist with thousands of documents that started a much larger chain reaction. The documents appeared to shed light on the alleged theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from a state-owned Malaysian investment fund known as 1MDB.

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Crypto Regulations in Singapore and Recent Enforcements

The regulatory framework for Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies (Crypto) has been rapidly evolving. Regulators expect that firms play their part to ensure that investing in crypto is as safe as possible for investors and customers or else enforcement will be pursued.

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