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Kelly-Ann is a passionate business & technology leader in the Risk & Compliance sector. She is MyComplianceOffice Asia-Pacific director and leads the business growth in the region.
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Small Compliance Team Priorities for 2023: KYE in the Spotlight

Organisations across the globe invest heavily in resources to strengthen relationships between the business and employees and create the best outcomes. Know Your Employee (KYE) initiatives centred around the recruitment process can result in high-quality talent acquisition. Background checking, identity verification, certifications, and other aspects are a high priority - and it’s no wonder. After all, the cost of replacing an employee is significant. ELMO & HRMI’s 2022 ANZ benchmark report shows an average of AUD $23,860 and 40 days to make new hires.

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Your SEC Examination Priorities Guide + the APAC Impact in 2023

For every registered firm with the SEC, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be examined but when. COVID-19 drove a necessity for the SEC to adapt its examination processes from traditionally in-person activities to remote. As a result, companies operating in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region must now be ready and able to support the SEC in its procedures.

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Enhancing Regulatory Compliance for Your Small Business in 2023

Small businesses and financial firms have undergone seismic shifts over the last few years. The pandemic forced employers to rethink their positions on remote and hybrid working models, and employees have come to expect greater flexibility. PwC’s survey of over 18,000 workers across Asia-Pacific (APAC) reveals that 66% expect to perform their roles in a hybrid capacity 12 months from now. In contrast, 24% expect fully-remote and only 10% fully in-person.

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Outside Business Activity: Putting the Spotlight on Moonlighting

“Remember - NO TWO-TIMING - NO MOONLIGHTING”, reads a recent email from Infosys to its employees. The communication stresses the clauses of Infosys employment contracts, which restrict its employees from taking up secondary employment.

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The Evolution of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

The modern workplace has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The pandemic has changed employee priorities and organisations’ attitudes towards remote and hybrid work environments. These changes have also brought a greater acceptance of workplace flexibility - from both employer and employee perspectives. However, there are also new challenges.

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