FINRA Fines in 2016 - 7 Key Facts


*Updated Jan 2017

We delved into the official disciplinary actions released from FINRA for 2016 and have been keeping a score sheet of all the fines by month. Now we present to you 7 facts from this long list of fines.

1) 2016 has seen FINRA hand out a total of 373 fines totaling $134.4 million.

2) $28.8 million was paid back to customers in restitutions.

3) The largest single fine was in July for $25 million, which included $5million in                     restitutions.

4) The average fine (including restitutions) handed out was $437,466.

5) There were 31 firms expelled from FINRA membership throughout the year.

6) The average number of fines handed out a month was 31, February saw the highest         (65), but the largest amount of fines handed out in one month was in July ($45mil).

7) 46 firms were fined more than once and 11 firms were fined more than 4 times in the       year.

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*All findings and stats are taken from official FINRA release statements.
*The above data represents actions taken against organisations and excludes actions taken against individuals.