FINRA Fines - 2017 Summary


*The data collected is from January - November 2017.

We have tracked the monthly and quarterly disciplinary actions taken by FINRA against member firms in 2017 and present to you 6 takeaways we have identified by delving into the numbers behind the released enforcement actions.

1) 2017 has seen FINRA hand out a total of 310 fines against member firms totaling $113.4 million.

2) $54.9 million was paid back to customers in restitutions. This is up 83% from last year's figure.

3) The largest fine of the year was for $16.5 million levied in February against Credit Suisse                            Securities LLC for significant deficiencies in its anti-money laundering program.

4) The average dollar amount per enforcement action (fine and/or restitutions) was $542,649. This is up        20% from last years average.
     b) While the total enforcement actions issued in 2017 is fewer than what was issued in 2016. The larger                   amount paid in restitution means the average dollar amount per enforcement action in 2017 is greater than           2016's average.

5) There have been 24 firms expelled from FINRA membership during the year.

6) The average number of fines handed out per month in 2017 is 28. Broken down by quarter, Q1 saw          the most (114), which was nearly four times greater than Q4 (35).

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Compare the above analysis to last year's analysis here: FINRA Fines 2016 - 7 Key Insights.

*This data represents disciplinary actions from January to the end of November, for both 2017 and 2016. We will update the figures again in January 2018, once FINRA issues their end of year disciplinary actions.
*All findings and stats are taken from official FINRA release statements.
*The above data represents actions taken against organizations and excludes actions taken against individuals.