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Capturing Employee Personal Trades

Automating the monitoring of personal trade accounts requires the capture of trade data in an electronic format. Data capture is an important topic and one that is not always fully understood. Typically, firms begin data capture by acquiring direct feeds from the major brokerage firms. This can resolve 60-70% of trade capture needs for US accounts. A good start, but significant challenges remain; the 30-40% of US accounts that are not captured as well as the non-US trading activity, typically 80-90%.

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Meet a Member of the Team - Jasmine Northrop

We are an international team with offices in 3 different continents and employees from more than 20 different countries. In this blog series, we are pleased to show you the backstage of our operations, bringing you closer to our team members.

This week we interviewed a member of the Customer Success Team. Our Customer Team builds the bridge between our products and our customers. MCO have a customer-centric approach, and our team is always trying to find solutions for any concern our users bring forward.

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Procurement Is Not Your Enemy

One of the top reasons enterprise decision-makers give for not wanting to work with procurement is the time required to complete the sourcing and vendor selection process. Why is it necessary to have a long, formal evaluation effort when you already know which compliance software provider you want to work with? Can’t procurement just help push through the contract? The frustration with procurement delays is especially pronounced in an era when eCommerce makes nearly any good or service available to us at home within 48 hours, and when SaaS compliance technology can be ‘turned on’ instantly.

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RegTech trends and insights to watch with Brian Fahey, MCO

The Irish Tech News published a chat with Brian Fahey, MCO CEO, featuring the recent RegTech Insight Awards victory, and the challenges of the industry.

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Dealing with your millennials employees

What is generation?

The generation theory was first introduced by the socialist Karl Manheim in 1923. The theory divides generation into groups according to their wishes, experiences, expectancies, values, lifestyles and demographic characteristics, which influence their lives and the way that they consume and behave.

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