7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Compliance



Picture yourself running arm and arm through the regulations and the rules, gazing longingly at contract consolidation with your colleagues, even cuddling up around the compliance calendar. Yes, MyComplianceOffice is bringing Cupid to the Compliance department this Valentine’s Day and here are 7 great reasons to fall in love with your compliance program.

  1. Spontaneity. Thankfully, we’re not teenagers anymore and we appreciate maturity. Cupid points out that it is important to follow the processes and procedures if you want to enjoy a happy compliance relationship. We don’t like surprises, unless it’s chocolates, we like chocolates.
  2. Feeling Secure. The ultimate sign of a great relationship is that wonderful sense of security. The Compliance Cupid reminds us that the smallest hole can sink the biggest ship, so make sure your program is water tight and 100% secure. Bizarrely, Cupid mentioned you should specifically look for encryption on your data-at-rest (and would you believe we offer this).
  3. Arguments. A healthy relationship will have challenges and inevitably issues will crop up along the way. Cupid recommends an open and honest environment where we help each other. When that doesn’t work, make sure you have a super-strong case management system. This means you can say “I told you so” but please resist the temptation!
  4. Exciting. New relationships are exciting and everyone loves the anticipation of how great the future might be. The Compliance Cupid has some serious experience when it come to relationships and has seen the ups and the downs (haven’t we all!). Cupid recommends that we always do a risk assessment to get a practical perspective on our proposed partners.
  5. Boundaries. The strongest relationships are built on good rules where everyone knows the boundaries and their responsibilities. The Compliance Cupid recommends that you set the rules of your compliance relationship early and make sure they are operational. Now who’s the boss! Let me hear you say it? Compliance rocks!
  6. Commitment. Does it feel like you’re ready to take that next step? Cupid has been around for a while and reminds us that all good relationships are based on good contracts, preferably stored on a cyber secure system with easy access.
  7. Honesty. Cupid knows that honesty is the best policy. It’ll improve your sleep, help you concentrate on your work and make the world a better place in which to do business, serve your company and make life better for your customers.  


If Cupid can't help you to fall in love with compliance this Valentine’s Day, then click here to get in touch and we’ll show you how.