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An Interview with Brian Fahey | MyComplianceOffice

“We believe very strongly that to lower costs in your compliance management, and lower risks, you need an integrated system with the functions working together – particularly in conflict-of-interest compliance scenarios…”

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Initial Coin Offering Regulation by Country | MyComplianceOffice

In the last post on ICOs, we reviewed definitions and impact of its growing popularity with investors on international markets. Today, we breakdown the response of different regulators around the globe. 

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ICO Regulation

Terms like ICOs, blockchain and crypto are coming up more and more in compliance conversation. While it may be some time before regulators catch up with technology, investing in crypto is growing in popularity. and Compliance Officers are taking notice.

Read the following post for an update on ICOs and the basics that Compliance professionals should know. 

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Cryptocurrency Employee Trading, Investments and Activities

The following is a guest post from Elin Cherry, Founder and CEO of Elinphant LLC and the October 17th MCO Webinar presenter and co-host. 

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Employees are participating in the cryptocurrency marketplace and firms need to address and supplement their employee trading, private transaction and outside business activity policies expediently.

Although cryptocurrency and the cryptocurrency marketplace are novel, most of the activity is covered within current employee trading, private investments and outside business interests policies. However, many firms have not communicated the application of these policies to cryptocurrency activity.

How can you apply current employee policies to cryptocurrency? 

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US Tax Implications of Cross-Border Cryptocurrency Bribes

Today's blog author is an attorney and crypto regulation expert - Selva Ozelli. Selva previously wrote a whitepaper for us, 'Regulations Fall on Bitcoin Around the World.'

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