Compliance on the go with MCO Mobile App

In 2017 197 billion apps were downloaded and usage on cellphones overtook desktops in 2018 - 58% of site visits were from mobile devices and in some countries this number reaches 72%.

Ensuring that your employees are compliant is an essential part of many businesses, especially those in regulated industries. The challenge falls when these organizations have to keep every employee up to date with policy and regulations or that all employees and compliance teams can quickly send and approve requests.

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5 Steps to Avoid Employee Misconduct

Employee conduct is a priority in many industries, especially in regulated businesses. Making sure you know what conduct risks are is key to running an effective compliance programme. We have listed 5 steps that you must consider in order to enhance the compliance of your business and avoid misconduct.

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The UK’s biggest ever Insider Trading Case Reaches a Verdict

This Monday saw two men, Martyn Dodgson and Andrew Hind found guilty of insider trading after a four month trial in what is Britain’s biggest ever insider trading case.

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