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Recent Posts by MCO Webinar Team


Taking the Broad View: Better Risk and Compliance Through Holistic Oversight

In order to be effective advisors, Chief Compliance Officers must have a clear and holistic view of their organization’s risk profile. A clear and holistic view of risk helps compliance set regulatory priorities, identify gaps in policies and procedures and streamline operations. 

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Understanding OBAs: Compliance Insight on Outside Business Activities

Outside Business Activities are on the regulatory radar. 2021 saw FINRA issue several fines and sanctions to brokers for activities ranging from doing unreported notary work to setting up firms to fund small businesses. FINRA’s recently released 2022 Report on Examination & Risk Monitoring includes adjustments to rules for reporting and supervision of outside business activity.

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Books and Records in the Regulatory Spotlight

With recent enforcement actions reflecting the Gensler administration’s priority on books and records, can your firm's  audit trail stand up to regulatory scrutiny?

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Minimizing the Risk of CCO Liability

Recent enforcement actions have made it clear that Chief Compliance Officers are at risk of personal exposure if regulatory violations happen under their watch­. The New York City Bar Association recently released a report calling on financial regulators including the SEC and FINRA to adopt a comprehensive and analytical framework for holding CCOs personally liable for violations. 

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Conduct, Compliance and Ethics in Capital Markets

For capital markets firms, managing risk and compliance is as essential as managing investments and operations. And reactively managing risk isn't enough. Firms need to take a proactive approach that requires both updated processes and technology plus access to data.

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