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Minimizing the Risk of CCO Liability

Recent enforcement actions have made it clear that Chief Compliance Officers are at risk of personal exposure if regulatory violations happen under their watch­. The New York City Bar Association recently released a report calling on financial regulators including the SEC and FINRA to adopt a comprehensive and analytical framework for holding CCOs personally liable for violations. 

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Conduct, Compliance and Ethics in Capital Markets

For capital markets firms, managing risk and compliance is as essential as managing investments and operations. And reactively managing risk isn't enough. Firms need to take a proactive approach that requires both updated processes and technology plus access to data.

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FCA Compliance to the Market Abuse Regulation

MCO has partnered with CeFPro to deliver a complimentary Webinar to discuss FCA compliance to Market Abuse Regulation: Identifying conflicts to prevent market abuse.

The Market Abuse Regulation states that firms must take all appropriate steps to identify and prevent or manage conflicts of interest between the firm’s employees, managers, and clients. The regulation was created to make financial markets safer and transparent and further maintain market integrity, increase investor protection and encourage global cooperation.

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Measuring Culture and Creating a Healthy Culture of Compliance

To meet regulatory expectations firms must have a number of policy and rules in place, as well as manage conduct risk and monitor conflicts of interest effectively. In recent years, regulators have been stressing concerns on the ability of firms to manage conduct risk and highlighting that conduct is directly driven by the organization’s ethical culture.

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Managing Conduct Risk and protecting against Market Abuse

Risks might be blindingly obvious once in front of you, but they do not often occur to people beforehand. That is why is so important to understand what conduct risk means, identify the risks and drivers to protect your businesses and ensure markets remain clean.

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