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Challenges of Compliance Monitoring for Smaller Firms

Staying on top of the latest regulatory developments in the financial services industry to maintain compliance and stay ahead of potential risk poses significant challenges for firms of all sizes. However, it can be particularly complex for smaller firms, where factors like limited resources and reliance on manual processes can make an already complicated endeavor even more difficult to manage.

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Get the Message! Preserve eComms or Face Steep Regulatory Consequences

In recent months the SEC and CFTC have charged multiple Wall Street firms with widespread recordkeeping failures, handing down staggering penalties in excess of 2.5 billion dollars and counting. Firms—including smaller ones—should only expect that the aggressive enforcement will continue.  And the SEC's  Division of Examinations 2024 Priorities only reinforce the agency's continued focus on the importance of record keeping and demonstrable communications compliance, including the effective management of off-channel communications.  

Are your books and records ready to stand up to regulatory scrutiny?

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Infographic: Personal Account Dealing Compliance

Personal Account Dealing, when employees gain personal profit from inside information or other data that they became aware of in their professional capacity, is an area of inherent risk for any firm in the financial services sector. 

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The SEC Speaks About Off-Channel Communications, Disclosures and More

Presented by the Practising Law Institute in conjunction with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC Speaks 2024 provided insights and updates on the agency’s current priorities and initiatives from Chair Gary Gensler, Commissioners, and senior staff from divisions across the agency.

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Compliance Checklist for Registered Investment Advisers

First and foremost, Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) are held to a standard of fiduciary duty by the SEC. As defined by the SEC, RIAs must act in the best interests of their clients, should not engage in activities that are in conflict with the interest of the client, and must provide a full disclosure of all material facts to clients and prospective clients.

To prove that they are able to meet these standards, RIA firms must have solid compliance programs in place.

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