FCPA Fines in 2016 - Summary



We delved into the official enforcement actions of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) from the SEC for 2016 and have been keeping a score sheet of all the fines by month. Now we present to you 7 facts from this long list of fines.

1) 2016 has seen the FCPA hand out a total of 24 corporate settlements totaling $2.6           billion.

2) The largest corporate settlement was in December for $519 million (Teva                           Pharmaceutical).

3) Four of last years settlements made into the all time top 10 settlements. VimpelCom         $397.6mil (9th), Och-Ziff $412mil (6th), Odebrecht/Brasken $419.8mil (5th) and Teva       Pharmaceutical $519mil (4th).

4) The average corporate settlement handed out was $108,333,333.

5) There were 8 settlements settled against individuals in 2016

6) 2016 was the second biggest year for both enforcement actions and settlements since     the enactment of the FCPA, only behind 2008 who had the large Siemens settlement       for $800mil.

7) The top 3 countries mentioned in settlement cases (since 2014) are Brazil (19),                 China (17) and Iraq (8).

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*All findings and stats are taken from official FCPA release statements
*Other findings were taken from the FCPA blog.