2016 Third Party Risk Management for Banks Exhibit Announced


MyComplianceOffice is proud to be a first-time exhibitor the 2016 3rd Party Risk Management for Banks conference in Chicago this June 6 through 8.

“With a concrete approach to managing risk, firms can turn third parties into strategic assets. The 2016 edition provides small, medium and large-sized banks with answers to fourth party identification, how to minimize major service interruptions, properly handle customer or employee data, and comply with regulatory guidelines.” Read more here

 Key Topics

  • Identify and classify third parties and subcontractors with guiding principles to address tougher regulations

  • Establish a sound risk appetite framework by implementing a holistic approach to third party risk management

  • Monitor and review third parties through due diligence assessments and accountability protocols

  • Fortify cyber security protocols with third parties and learn strategies to cope with breaches

  • Spearhead a business continuity and resiliency plan that aligns with regulatory guidelines to sustain critical operations during the resolution process

Join our on-site industry specialists from MyComplianceOffice at our booth to discuss these topics in more depth as well as:

Vendor on-boarding

  • Simplifies the introduction of new suppliers and ensures that they comply with your company’s third party supplier policies.

  • Integrates with external data sources on credit, screening, to obtain validation of supplier appropriateness

  • Single source for status of all onboarding related activities and documents

 Ongoing Due Diligence

  • Conduct periodic due diligence of supplier’s activities and ensure ongoing compliance with company policies

  • Automatically alert appropriate personnel if responses outside agreed criteria

  • Manage issues through Case management through to resolution

Centralized Data

  • KYTP is the central data source for status, history, and cases for your suppliers

  • Storage all related supplier documents such as contracts, RFPs, and other related data

  • Easy search and reporting

 Not able to attend the conference?

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