Take Your Compliance Program to the Next Level


Thinking of strategies to take your compliance program to the next level?

You need answers and we’ve got them.

MyComplianceOffice is partnering with a new Webinar host, Ann Oglanian of ReGroup LLC to give you the tools and cover the tips you need to level up your compliance program.

Join us for Survival of the Fittest: Compliance Program Evolution, Weds, April 6 at 12 pm EST.

Tune into the webinar and you can expect:

  • A compliance program maturity model created to help you to measure the success of your compliance program
  • A practical approach to assessing the current maturity of your program

The Compliance Program Maturity Model to be introduced by Regroup during the webinar presentation has been designed for compliance officers to allow you to review, monitor, and disseminate your compliance program. It will also help you to pinpoint the places where you can advance your reputation.

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MyComplianceOffice is excited to be introduce our Webinar attendees to Ann Oglanian for this presentation. Our Co-host, Ann Oglanian founded ReGroup in 2002. Regroup is an interdisciplinary consultancy dedicated to providing strategic and tactical guidance to investment advisers, boards of directors, hedge funds and broker/dealers regarding all areas of business risk management, including regulatory  management and the development and assessment of compliance programs. 

Ann has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial services industry. Formerly, she was the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for San Francisco based Montgomery Asset Management. Prior thereto, she was a partner in the investment services practice group of the Chicago-based law firm, Vedder Price, where she represented a wide range of mutual funds, investment advisers, independent fund directors and broker/dealers. Formerly, Ann served as in-house counsel to Strong Capital Management and Kemper Financial Services.


We work with you to synchronize the needs of your business with the demands of regulation in your sector. We build and upgrade our software solutions to integrate with your existing processes, providing real-time oversight and control, through one command center dashboard. Our expertise is built on almost 20 years of compliance software development, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive suite of configurable solutions covering third party due diligence, employee code of conduct, know your customer and trade surveillance systems. We will advance you reputation because we believe that great governance is at the heart of great business.