MCO Sponsorship Announced for Vendor Risk Management


Third party risk management is an increasing area of concern for financial institutions. The supply chain is becoming increasingly important to regulators, to your enterprise-level risk management and to the integrity of your organizational reputation. Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery legislation makes your firm responsible for those suppliers’ activities. Increasingly, cybersecurity is a major area of scrutiny.

MyComplianceOffice is proud to announce the sponsorship of the 4th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions to be held September 12-14th at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

This international conference will cover the latest developments in third party risk management.

The agenda for this event includes:

  • First Republic Bank explains effective creation of a third party risk programme from multiple regulations
  • Capital One evaluates strategies to reduce fourth party risk
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union demonstrates effective contract management to minimize third party risk
  • Prospect Mortgage demonstrates an automated workflow to manage third party risk

According to organizers, “The vendor risk management community will learn how to effectively incorporate the latest regulations, such as the FFIEC Appendix J, into their strategies, and optimize their processes to aid effective third party risk management. Case studies will cover the latest data management and fourth party risk strategies to allow institutions to advance their third party risk programs to effectively manage the latest threats from their vendors.”

Official Website for 4th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions

MyComplianceOffice team members will be onsite to exhibit and present the Know Your Third Party (KYTP) solution, a comprehensive and cost effective system designed to help financial firms meet evolving regulatory risk requirements and reduce third party and supplier risk while increasing vendor risk management oversight.