7 Best Networking Tips for 2017


Everyone knows that conferences provide ample opportunity for compliance practitioners to attend informative panels and hear valuable discussions on regulatory developments. It’s also a time to create and develop meaningful contacts for your career. With this goal in mind, we at MCO have updated our 2016 list to our seven best practices for 2017. We hope this helps you to get the most out of your next conference or chance to network. 

1) Plan ahead. Most conferences provide a program complete with speakers and exhibiting companies prior to the event. Review this, and plan who you would most like to meet. This will also help you to make every minute count during your networking breaks.

2) Arrive early. Conferences are no time to be fashionably late. You stand a better chance of more effective networking if you arrive on time, before people have can establish and settle into conversation groups. Arriving early will also make you more comfortable as fellow attendees arrive.

3) Don’t forget about exhibitors! Many vendors have worked in the industry for years and can introduce you to some of their customers who may be valuable contacts. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet peers as well stay informed about the technology relevant to your industry. Our white paper that talks about the decision to use compliance technology can help you prepare:  CCO’s Guide to Migrate your Compliance Program to a SaaS Solution. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most popular way for organizations to avail of specialist software. SaaS solutions are developed by specialist software companies and offer significant efficiencies, cost savings and even improvements in the culture compliance at an organization.

4) Skip the weather. Often a staple of small talk, weather doesn’t say much about who you are or provide incentive for your fellow attendees to continue the conversation. Instead, discuss a session you mutually attended or discuss a relevant, industry hot topic. We have a blog that can provide you with some conversation starters, sign up here.

5) Make a graceful exit. Leaving a conversation can be an awkward thing when not done effectively. Taking a “speed-dating” approach can do more harm than good as it may prevent you from seeming sincere. If you must leave a conversation, excuse yourself politely. You might say, “Please let me know how that session goes, I’d love to discuss if further”. This concludes the conversation for the moment without being offensive.

6) Approach networking as an opportunity. This is your chance to get to know your peers. Take advantage of it! Approach networking with curiosity, energy, and a positive attitude to make the most out of the experience.

7) When in doubt, drop by the MCO booth. We can provide more valuable tips and introductions as well as tell you about how MyComplianceOffice (MCO) puts you in command of your compliance and ethics program. MCO seamlessly integrates with your existing processes to reduce complexity, time and cost.

Did we leave anything out? Leave a comment below of what we might have missed. Or stop by and see us at your next conference.

MyComplianceOffice will be attending, exhibiting and networking at the 34th International Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Nov 28 - Dec 1 in Washington, DC.