A Compliance Officer's Crystal Ball: Compliance Predictions for 2021


As a compliance officer, regulatory counsel, risk manager or auditor, what keeps you up at night? Where do you need to focus your time and energy to close out the year strong and position yourself for success in 2021?

Watch the on-demand webinar A Compliance Officer's Crystal Ball: Compliance Predictions for 2021 to hear Compliance Expert Mark A. Egert provide an overview of the top areas of compliance concern for the year ahead, including:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on Compliance Programs and Controls
  • Technology Challenges Including Robo-Advisors, Crypto Assets, Digital Payments and More
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection
  • Evolving Standards of Care for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisors
  • Regulatory Examination and Enforcement Priorities

 Watch the Webinar.

The right technology platform helps firms focus on business objectives, creates more value, and cements compliance as a strategic department within the organization. But how do you decide which compliance solution is the best fit?

If your firm is looking to invest in new technology, what are some of the factors that should initially be considered? Although the answer will vary based on the size and the complexity of the organization, pulling together the right team with stakeholders from across the organization and defining the steps needed will provide a solid foundation for the selection process. Download our white paper Getting IT Done - Optimize the Software Selection Process for the Best Outcome to learn more.

When compliance officers, who are hired to be strategic thinkers and provide practical solutions to their employers, spend the majority of their time on manual processes and information gathering it limits their ability to present a timely risk profile to the organization. That’s where MyComplianceOffice can help. Our platform provides an affordable, easy way for firms to automate their compliance processes and reduce risk.

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