FINRA Fines Q1 2017 - 6 Findings


Here at MCO we keep a close eye on the activities of regulators. By our calculations, Q1 has been a record quarter for FINRA fines sanctioned. Read the highlights here; FINRA fines in Q1 2017 - 6 Findings.

1) There was $81.6 million in fines and $13.4 mil in restitution, resulting in a record total of $95 million for       Q1 2017.

2) Q1 has seen a total of 114 firms sanctioned.

3) February's fines alone ($56mil) were more than the last 5 months of 2016 combined                                   ($44mil).

4) The largest fine of the year so far was $16.5 million in February to Credit Suisse Securities LLC for            'significant deficiencies in its anti-money laundering program'

5) There has been a total of 6 firms expelled by FINRA in Q1

6) If FINRA was to keep up this level of fines sanctioned for the rest of the year it would end with a                 total of $380 million. This would smash the previous record held by 2016 for fines ($163mil) with an           increase of 133% on 2016's total.

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You can access the official FINRA disciplinary records here.